Zero Carbon Solution Achieved: Parametric Solutions Enters into Agreement with Natural Resources Canada for Practical, Low-Cost Technology to Decarbonize Existing Power Plants

JUPITER, Fla., May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading aerospace and power-generation engineering firm, Parametric Solutions announced it had entered into a Global License Agreement with Canada’s equivalent to the US Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada to commercialize a new low-cost, proprietary and patented G2 technology platform that 100% decarbonizes existing industrial, business and consumer electricity power generation sectors. New power plants and new mobile plants constructed in the future will also benefit from the decarbonization technology. Essentially eradicating the largest single obstacle to achieving global net zero emissions.

“Even with continued increase of green energy for many years to come,” said Joel Haas, CEO of Parametric Solutions. “It is extremely unrealistic – some would say utter insanity – not to anticipate that the current global level of fossil fuel electricity power generation will still be needed for the foreseeable future to meet the ever-increasing overall global demand for 24/7 affordable electricity.”

“New G2 technology is exciting, there is no other known technology with the practical scalability to maximize the impact on the quantity and cost of carbon capture,” said Haas. “Low-cost, efficient, and disruptive – with easy-to-understand rapid product scalability – we’ve developed and demonstrated a new critical technology item that combusts fossil fuels with oxygen under extreme high-pressure. This results in point source 100% carbon capture, the lowest-cost and most efficient way to carbon capture. The low-cost and no atmosphere emissions enables generation of 24/7 clean and affordable electricity. We have the expertise and infrastructure to commercialize G2 technology and to get it done quickly.”

In support of this critical technology, the U.S. Department of Energy recently awarded Parametric Solutions $16,000,000 to extend the critical combustor technology to accommodate syngas.

The initial G2 equipment system and critical technology is easily retrofitted within existing power plants currently using natural gas, coal, or oil (balance of plant remains as-is). For example, coal-based power plants can install the initial G2 equipment system to generate zero emission affordable electricity that can save thousands of jobs and avoid stranded assets.

The pipeline-ready or pure CO2 capture yield is then available for current and future marketplace uses, storage and sequestration. “Global oil and gas industry leaders already have the necessary infrastructure and expertise to effectively manage the captured CO2 transportation, storage and sequestration,” said Haas. “The world needs what G2 technology has delivered.”

Parametric Solutions is in the early process of securing a Funding Partner to commercialize and scale the initial G2 equipment system. This is the company’s first request for funding, and to-date, all development has been self-funded. Parametric Solutions anticipates scaled commercialization within 3 years.

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