Vehya Bets on Service Providers as the Key to a Sustainable Future

DETROIT, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the announcement of the Federal Sustainability Plan sets the following goes for the United States

  • 100% Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity by 2030, including 50% on a 24/7 basis.
  • 100% Zero-Emission Vehicle Acquisitions by 2035, and 100% light-duty by 2027.
  • Net-Zero Emissions Buildings by 2045, including a 50% reduction by 2032.

Vehya, a marketplace dedicated to reaching those goals to the sales, installation, and service of products such as EV chargers, solar, and battery storage , is excited to announce the launch of its intuitive mobile app exclusively designed for service providers. The Vehya Service Provider app simplifies receival of projects, workflow management, communication, and offers a range of benefits to empower service providers for unprecedented growth.

William McCoy, Founder of Vehya relates, “Service providers are the backbone of our electrified, sustainable industry. Vehya values their dedication and commitment to a sustainable future, that’s why I wanted to do something different than just a gig app. Vehya offers an array of incentives including stock options, prizes, and dedicated support for our service providers.”

Collaborating closely with service providers across the United States, Vehya has received resounding testimonials that speak to the transformative impact of our partnership on their businesses.

Service providers in California, such as Tiger Electric, have experienced remarkable results using Vehya’s app. According to Jose Ramirez, the strategic partnership manager for Tiger Electric, the easy-to-use platform provides enhanced visibility on projects, streamlined task tracking for managers, and seamless communication for customers. Ramirez states, “Being able to just hop on that platform and get all the information I need is very useful. We have full visibility of the account managers that are working on certain projects and which ones are assigned to us, so I’m able to see what tasks are due and if the tasks are due by us.”

Income Power, a leading name in the EV charging industry based in Waterford, Michigan, has achieved impressive success leveraging Vehya’s platform. Patrick Lloyd, president of Income Power, emphasizes the platform’s simplicity and efficiency in accessing job information and scheduling tasks, allowing Income Power to increase their workforce development. Lloyd states, “We’re able to do many more jobs. Since we started working with the platform, we’ve received about 60 jobs. I would equate that to around $250,000 in revenue, and I hired two new people because of Vehya.”

Jon K. Ming Electric, a reputable family-owned business based in Texas, has partnered with Vehya to excel in the EV industry. Jon K. Ming, owner of the company, highlights Vehya’s expertise and says that Vehya has a competitive edge in the market. Ming appreciates the high-level of professionalism provided by Vehya and the opportunity for service providers to participate in stock options, stating, “[The stock option] is a great opportunity for all of us contractors because we get to buy something new and exciting and the professionalism that Vehya has displayed to me so far, I can’t even compare it to anything else.”

These testimonials exemplify the exceptional service and commitment of Vehya to service providers in the electrification industry. By offering a user-friendly mobile app, stock options, and continued support, Vehya empowers service providers by enhancing their revenue, providing an equitable stake, and streamlining operations.

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