US-Developed Clean Diesel Fuel Proves Significant Climate Benefits

KINGSTON, Wash., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC ("ARC") announced today the positive results from customer trials of its proprietary GDiesel fuel in Germany. The trials were undertaken by GDiesel Technologies, GmbH, ARC’s German licensee, and Spedition Uwe Ludwig, GmbH, a third-party trucking company located near Leipzig, Germany. During an eight-month trial, from April through November 2021, three on-road trucks, powered by Volvo and Mercedes Benz heavy-duty diesel engines, demonstrated fuel consumption savings when using GDiesel compared to conventional diesel of 9.36%, 9.40% and 11.66%. Additional trials of Summer and Winter formulations of GDiesel demonstrated fuel savings of up to 12.99% and emissions reductions of up to 36.5% respectively. Other noted benefits of GDiesel included reductions of visible smoke, improved cold weather operability, improved engine responsiveness, and a reduction in Diesel Exhaust Fluid usage. 

GDiesel is a 100% drop-in, liquid alternative fuel. GDiesel is produced using ARC’s patented ClearRefining® technology that combines molecular components of biogas and liquid hydrocarbons in a unique low-temperature, low-pressure and cost-effective process.         

Max Lier, Managing Director of Spedition Uwe Ludwig GmbH said, "We were impressed with the GDiesel fuel product and look forward to its commercial introduction in Germany."

"The European trial results are consistent with those from our extensive GDiesel customer trials in the United States," said Peter Gunnerman, ARC’s Managing Partner. "The ability to use bio-derived feedstocks in our production process, coupled with significant consumption and emission reductions, combine to make GDiesel a compelling Greenhouse gas reduction solution for the worldwide diesel industry," Gunnerman added.

Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC ("ARC") is a fuel technology development and licensing company based in Kingston, WA. ARC owns patented technology rights in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and in other select international jurisdictions. To date, ARC has produced and successfully tested more than 40 million gallons of its GDiesel fuel in US customer trials. The Company was founded in 2008.

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