Thermal Diffusion Society Established with Support from Alteriver

HOUSTON, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The formation of the Thermal Diffusion Society marks a stride in fostering collaboration and innovation within the materials science sector, particularly in thermal diffusion technology.

Supported by Alteriver and industry leaders, the society aims to bring together a diverse group of professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts dedicated to advancing thermal diffusion applications. The inaugural meeting featured key figures from the field.

Speakers and Discussions:

The event highlighted contributions from Richard Ian MacMoy, Chief Technology Officer and President of Intermetallic Group, LLC, and Dr. George T. Bayer, Ph.D., Senior Engineer and Coating Department Manager at Matergenics Inc. Their presentations focused on the current state, challenges, and future directions of thermal diffusion technology.

Maxim Kabanov from Alteriver spoke, detailing the company’s use of thermal diffusion technologies for protecting production tubing in highly corrosive environments in the oil and gas industry; particularly sour service. Furthermore, he emphasised Alteriver’s role in pushing for sustainable industry solutions.

Alexey Sonk, one of the founders of Alteriver, shared his vision for the company’s role in the community, “At Alteriver, we see ourselves as more than just innovators in the energy sector; we are committed members of the Houston community, aspiring to make a tangible difference where we are headquartered. Supporting the Thermal Diffusion Society is part of our broader mission to contribute positively to our local community and the environment, ensuring that progress in technology also means progress for all.”

Society Goals:

The Thermal Diffusion Society is set up to encourage the exchange of ideas, promote research, and explore the practical applications of thermal diffusion in industry. It plans to organize seminars, workshops, and collaborative research projects to address the needs of the sector and contribute to sustainable advancements.

Membership Information:

Membership in the society is open to individuals and organizations interested in materials science and engineering, provided they meet certain criteria. The society aims to be an inclusive platform for sharing knowledge and driving innovation in thermal diffusion.

About Alteriver:

Alteriver is a technology company focused on creating reliable and sustainable flow assurance and well integrity solutions for the oil and gas industry. By developing anti-corrosion coatings and protecting downhole tubing, Alteriver aims to enhance operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. The company’s involvement in the Thermal Diffusion Society highlights its commitment to advancing sustainable technologies in the industry.

Contact Information:
Ekaterina Romanovskaya

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