The Propane Council of Texas Shares Tips to Prepare a Propane Home for Winter

AUSTIN, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The coats, hats, and mittens may still be packed away in storage, but it’s already time to start preparing your home if you use propane as an energy source for winter.

Readying your home for winter doesn’t have to be a complicated process; in fact, just a few simple steps can be taken well in advance of winter to ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable all season long.

Refill your home’s propane tank early. Prepare your propane-powered home to endure winter safely and comfortably: Order a refill of your propane tank now.

Because millions of homeowners choose to enjoy the more efficient and comfortable heat that propane provides, don’t wait until winter has already arrived to plan for the home heating season.

Ordering a propane refill in advance of winter is as simple as making a phone call. Start a conversation with your local propane retailer, all of whom are professionally trained to make the ordering and refilling process easy.

Check your tank periodically. Don’t run out of propane gas. Call your propane provider if your tank gauge reaches 30% or less. If your home propane tank runs out of gas, a leak check is required.

Be sure to ask about automatic refills. With an "automatic" or "keep-full" account, a homeowner seldom has to worry about having an adequate supply of propane before a winter storm hits and road conditions become treacherous. Keeping propane tanks full helps ensure an adequate supply of gas for all your home’s needs. Ask your propane provider about their Keep Full Program.

Double-check the heating system and appliances are running efficiently. Before the start of each heating season, have a qualified service technician inspect and service your home’s appliances and propane system. When appliances run as efficiently as possible, your home will conserve fuel, save money, and avoid unexpected mid-season repairs.

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