The KOMAX Tailings Solvent Recovery Heater is Revolutionizing the Oil Sand Separation Process

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Through a patented technology, Komax Systems, Inc. is transforming the Oil Sands separation process and improving the extraction plant industry.

Oil Sands Provides Energy for the Future

The oil sands are a mixture of sand, water, clay, and a type of oil called bitumen.  Thanks to innovation and technology, we can recover oil from the oil sands, providing energy security for the future.  Oil sands identifies the end product derived from bitumen: crude oil.

Process Temperature is Key to Bitumen Recovery

Process temperature is one of the most important operating variables affecting bitumen recovery.  At low temperatures, the bitumen viscosity is high and attachment to air bubbles is very weak.  However, as the temperature increases, the bitumen viscosity is reduced and approaches the viscosity of water.  This enables the bitumen to envelop the air bubble and provide a far more stable attachment.  Bitumen recovery rates are therefore greatly improved at higher operating temperatures.

The Oil Sands extraction industry requires equipment that can withstand the difficult conditions and produce efficiently. 

The Enhancements of the Improved Design 

The Komax severe duty steam heater has proven itself to be the best way to optimize the Oil Sands separation process.  The design can withstand the harshest operating conditions and the high temperatures.

The high thermal efficiency and instant controllability of direct steam injection means oil sands processors can optimize the separation process.  Significantly more efficient than indirect systems, this model provides on-demand hot water instantly, mixing the steam and bitumen froth, tailings or other slurry together with no moving parts – thus, low noise and low vibration and less wear and tear.

With a single modulating steam control valve, the severe duty steam heater provides better than a 10:1 turndown capability.

Dependable and Customized Approach

Komax Systems is a leader in static mixing, steam heaters, desuperheaters, and heat exchangers technology.  They are the only company that provides a dependable inline direct injection steam heat exchanger. They can create a solution designed specifically for your needs.  Contact their engineering team today.

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