Tachyonics Institute of Technology Publishes Scientific Journal on Unlimited Free Energy

AUSTIN, Texas, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the recently published scientific journal article, the centuries old doctrine of energy conservation in physics fails in charged capacitors. Instead, the stored energy in charged capacitors can be thousands of folds of input energy according to the article published in the "International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences."


The key of the additional energy is in the form of the repulsive electrostatic potential energy that was omitted from the beginning despite it is a part of the total stored energy.

This repulsive potential energy stored in the capacitor can be lost without manifesting itself if the charges are not allowed to travel and expand following the repulsive electrostatic force lines.

The past inventions of free energy devices by Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry and others were the cases that they utilized unwittingly the repulsive potential energy using the devices like spark gap or cold discharge tube that enables the charges to travel following the repulsive electrostatic force lines in space and convert it into kinetic energy which becomes essentially the gained additional electrical current.

Once implemented globally, which is relatively simple and easy, as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray and Stanley Meyer have demonstrated in their patents, clean and unlimited energy will be available for all humanity and there will be no more wars fighting for the limited energy source. The practical engineering idea for free energy was there all the time, it was the flawed fundamental physical principle of energy conservation that blocked the development of such ideas.

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SOURCE Tachyonics Institute of Technology