Sun Finally Rises on Louisiana Residents Left in the Dark by Flagging Solar-Energy Companies – 'Supreme Power' Shines Beacon of Hope for Solar Power Consumers

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Supreme Power ( recently announced it had opened offices to service solar-power clients in Louisiana, including businesses and low-to-moderate income customers recently abandoned by solar companies that have gone out of business, moved away, or are not providing reliable service. Supreme Power has consistently saved consumers money by offering fast and reliable solar maintenance that keeps solar production high all year round. More than just routine panel upkeep, Supreme Power provides services that maximize the benefits of using solar – including monitoring, diagnostics, battery backups, and easy monthly subscription packages that offer peace of mind 24/7.

Supreme Power: Package Benefits

Supreme Power offers multiple major services in addition to minimizing system down time and increasing maximum performance of each solar panel. And supreme Power uses state of the art software analysis to ensure that inspections are thorough and productive each time. Other major benefits provided by Supreme Power include:

  • PowerDash Monitoring: Energy data visibility to customers, allow them to see at-a-glance how well panels are performing and their overall energy savings.
  • Whole-house Energy Monitoring: Residential Energy Monitors give deep insight into a customer’s overall energy usage and specific home activity. We track every appliance and gives a descriptive analysis of how much energy each appliance is consuming.
  • System Troubleshooting: Diagnose system production issues, panel defects, faulty inverters or wiring, and other solar power issues that sometimes occur. Supreme Power technicians are trained to move through targeted checklists and detailed questions that help get to the root of the problem quickly.
  • Battery Backup: An all-in-one AC-coupled storage system that provides a total usable energy capacity of 3.4kWh and four embedded grid-forming microinverters. This provides great flexibility in starting small and added incremental capacity.

Supreme Power offers three convenient tiered packages to suit a wide variety of specific consumer needs and budgets. For answers related to energy efficiency, solar maintenance and more, go online to learn how Supreme Power can help.  

About Supreme Power

Founded in 2013, Supreme Power is a solar maintenance company that provides maintenance services for residential low-to-moderate income customers and commercial businesses that use solar. Supreme Power provides fast and reliable solar maintenance services to help families and companies diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix faulty solar systems – all on the same day. By combining energy efficiency, energy education, and system monitoring, Supreme Power’s ultimate mission is to provide the best quality service while maintaining overall solar system integrity. Learn more at:

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