Strategic Alliance Between Ampere Industrial Security and Egede Set to Revolutionize Industrial Cybersecurity

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ampere Industrial Security and Egede are thrilled to announce a strategic alliance that is poised to transform the landscape of industrial and critical infrastructure cybersecurity. This partnership will leverage both companies’ distinct and complementary strengths, creating a powerhouse of service offerings to better protect vital industrial operations against a growing array of cyber threats.

Patrick Miller, CEO of Ampere Industrial Security, stated: “Our alliance with Egede is a key milestone in our journey to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge industrial security solutions. Together, we are enhancing our ability to protect critical infrastructure with advanced, proactive cybersecurity capabilities.”

The alliance aims to address the increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity challenges facing critical infrastructure worldwide. By combining Ampere Industrial Security’s best-in-class consulting services with Egede’s specialized expertise in industrial cybersecurity, clients can expect a holistic approach to securing their critical operations. The partnership is a response to the urgent need for integrated, end-to-end security strategies that can withstand and evolve with the dynamic threat landscape.

This alliance will focus on delivering a suite of services tailored to the unique needs of industrial clients. From full-service regulatory and standards consulting to advanced hardware/software penetration testing and cyber vulnerability assessments, the combined capabilities of Ampere and Egede will offer unparalleled coverage. The partnership is not only about enhancing service offerings but also about achieving new benchmarks for industry-wide best practices in cybersecurity.

Søren Egede Knudsen, CEO of Egede, commented: “Collaborating with Ampere Industrial Security is a strategic move towards achieving our shared vision of a more secure industrial world. Our joint efforts will deliver innovative, tailored solutions that address the specific challenges of industrial cybersecurity.”

As global industries continue to evolve and digitize, the partnership between Ampere Industrial Security and Egede will play a pivotal role in safeguarding the technological backbone of critical infrastructure worldwide.

About Ampere Industrial Security:

Ampere Industrial Security is at the forefront of industrial security consulting, offering a wide array of services designed to protect and enhance the security and reliability of critical infrastructure, keeping you ahead of your adversaries – and your auditors.

About Egede:

Egede stands as a beacon of expertise in the field of industrial and critical infrastructure cybersecurity. With a comprehensive range of services from cybersecurity design and risk analysis to deep technical tasks like malware analysis and cybersecurity assessments, Egede’s tailored approach ensures that each client’s specific needs are met with precision and quality.

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SOURCE Ampere Industrial Security, Inc.