Sonata Scientific’s Air Purifier Eliminates Trace Levels of Unhealthy VOCs, per GB/T 18801 Air Quality

DANBURY, Conn., Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sonata Scientific LLC, a developer of advanced air purification and antimicrobial products, announced third-party testing of its novel air purifier, Helios 2.1. The report verifies complete and effective elimination of key volatile organic compound pollutants (VOCs), including formaldehyde. The system operates at room temperature. The testing data indicate near 100% single-pass conversion that produces purified air suitable for commercial, residential, and specialized industrial applications.

Testing was performed following the industry standard GB/T 18801-2015 test procedure. 

Sonata Scientific’s invention is a highly novel air purification system with the unique capability to destroy a wide-range of VOC contaminants, including challenging low-boiling-point compounds such as formaldehyde, acetone, and isopropyl alcohol. "Several market segments are evaluating our technology, and we are gaining traction based on our high single-pass conversion, which exceeds 99%.  We are not aware of any other technologies with our comprehensive small-molecule performance, particularly at low, ppb-level concentrations," said Melissa Petruska, Principal Investigator. "Customers are eager to identify enabling technologies, particularly in areas where existing solutions, including carbon adsorbents, fall short."

Bob Henderson, Systems Engineer, adds, "Formaldehyde is pervasive and damaging in indoor environments while proving difficult to remove. Our catalyst system easily removed formaldehyde while simultaneously eliminating the additional VOCs present, a significant outcome, as indoor air comprises a diverse mixture of VOCs. Sonata Scientific hopes the current offering can push the purification industry forward and help those suffering from polluted air."

About GB/T 18801: 

Testing was performed by a preeminent testing company referencing GB/T 18801 (September 2015): Air Cleaner Annex C (Normative) Test Method for Clean Air Deliver Rate of Gaseous Pollutants. Testing was performed in a 1 m3 chamber to accommodate the prototype technology. Formaldehyde, toluene, and d-limonene were used to challenge the device over an 8 hour period. During testing the device removed all three compounds to below detection limits of 2 ppb for toluene and d-limonene and 5 ppb for formaldehyde.

About Sonata Scientific: 

Sonata is an early stage company that is transforming its materials chemistry and systems’ innovations into practical products to improve living and working environments. Sonata Scientific’s air purification technology was developed with support from the National Science Foundation (Award# 1927003).

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Peter Van Buskirk

SOURCE Sonata Scientific