Solarizing Chatham with Astral Power

CHATHAM, N.Y., April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Astral Power Inc. is proud to have been selected by the Town of Chatham for the Chatham Solarize Campaign. The Chatham Climate Smart Community task force spent several months developing a plan for a Community Solar outreach campaign and “we couldn’t be more proud to be chosen,” says Cara Humphrey, VP of Sales & Strategy at Astral Power. Residents and small business owners in the Chatham area have a unique opportunity to save money on their electricity bills and do something good for the environment.

Astral Power provides a simple way to access locally produced, clean energy to interested residents and businesses. Subscribers to Community Solar through Astral Power not only save 10% on locally produced solar energy without equipment or upfront fees, but they also receive a subscription bonus during the campaign. The average household saves $150 per year, but this amount increases for those who consume more electricity.

“Hey, 10% off, I am definitely going to look into it!” says Donal Collins, Town Supervisor. Other prominent members of the Chatham town board share Mr. Collins’ enthusiasm as clean energy solutions continue to rise in popularity.

To celebrate their partnership with the Town of Chatham, Astral Power is offering a $75 sign-up bonus to everyone who enrolls during this campaign, with an extra $50 for the first 100 enrollees! Astral Power is also donating $25 to the Town of Chatham’s Sustainability Fund for each enrollment.

“We were fortunate to be able to install panels in the field behind our house but not everybody can do that or wants to do that,” says John Wapner, Town Board Member in Chatham. “Community Solar will help those people who can’t (have) or don’t want their own panels.”

Astral Power and One Tree Planted are partnering up for the Solarize Chatham campaign. A tree will be planted in each subscriber’s name throughout the campaign!

About Astral Power: 
Astral Power provides access to locally produced clean energy from solar farms to households and businesses at a lower cost than their utility. By handling everything from initial enrollment to billing and support, Astral Power guarantees a 5% to 10% savings on its customers’ electricity costs without any hassle. 

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About the Town of Chatham: 
Chatham is a rural community located in Columbia County, New York.  It features many small businesses, thriving farms, an arts community, and many successful businesses dating back to the late 18th century.

Visit Chatham’s official website to learn more about the latest events and announcements at

About One Tree Planted:
One Tree Planted is an official reforestation partner of the United States Forest Service (USFS). They also play a large role in many eco-friendly projects. Over 1 million trees have been planted by them in order to save the Southern Resident Orca from extinction.

Discover how they’re helping the world’s environment at

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