Sky Quarry Announces Retrofitting of PR Spring Facility

WILMINGTON, Del., June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sky Quarry Inc. ("Sky Quarry" or "the Company"), a clean tech ESG company that recycles waste asphalt shingles and converts them into sustainable waste energy oil, is pleased to announce that thanks to the success of its Regulation A+ offering hosted on Equifund (, it has raised sufficient funds to begin retrofitting their PR Spring facility.

"Our state-of-the-art PR Spring facility was originally designed to extract bitumen from oil sands. However, thanks to our proprietary technology, we are confident we can retrofit the facility to extract bitumen from waste asphalt shingles utilizing a waterless solvent system," said David Sealock, CEO of Sky Quarry.

Asphalt shingles cover approximately 80% of all residential roofs in America. Each year around 13 million tons are shipped off to landfills where they contribute to potentially major environmental issues; this includes leaching of toxic waste into groundwater and topsoil. It is estimated that 700 million tons of waste asphalt shingles already exist in landfills today. 

Sky Quarry’s patented process breaks down and recycles waste asphalt shingles into valuable, in-demand materials such as bitumen. Bitumen is a highly viscous form of oil and a key ingredient in refining diesel and hot-mix asphalt used in road construction. Testing-to-date demonstrates the Company’s technology has the potential to convert every ton of waste asphalt shingles into the equivalent of 1.5 barrels of oil. 

"We are extremely excited to announce that we have successfully hit our first fundraising goal and the retrofitting process at PR Spring has begun," said Sealock. "We expect construction to take approximately five months and for the facility to be operational by year end. This marks a major milestone for our company and is a big step towards commercialization."

Additional information on the Company and the Offering can be found on the Company’s website at and at

About Sky Quarry

Sky Quarry is a Utah-based clean technology company focused on the recovery and repurposing of waste asphalt shingles. Sky Quarry’s proprietary process diverts waste asphalt shingles from already overcrowded landfills, and extracts the liquid asphalt and solid composition elements for use in the development of new asphalt shingles, asphalt paving aggregate, and bitumen refined products and other industrial applications. Sky Quarry’s mission is to be the leading asphalt shingle waste management provider in North America.

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