SENS to Supply Revolutionary SuperTorque 8Z Genset Starting System for Wyoming Hyperscale’s Caterpillar C175-20 Gensets

LONGMONT, Colo., Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stored Energy Systems LLC (SENS) announced that it will be supplying Wyoming Hyperscale the revolutionary SuperTorque 8Z across the Wyoming HyperScale datacenter and campus. 

The SuperTorque 8Z is the power generation industry’s first fully integrated starting battery and charger system, powered by ZincFive® long-life, safe, reliable, high-power Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) technology. This state-of-the-art system addresses the most pressing issue with emergency generators: the sudden and unexpected failure of starting batteries.

Differentiated features of the SuperTorque 8Z include:

  • Superior Power: A single 8Z provides comparable starting performance to (4) lead-acid 8D batteries, and their dedicated battery charger,
  • Compact and Lightweight: >75% smaller and lighter than lead-acid systems.
  • Long Life: 15-year service life
  • 10-Year Factory Full-Replacement Warranty
  • Maintenance-Free
  • No Risk of Thermal Runaway: Per UL 9540A testing
  • Sustainability: 96% lower lifetime GHG emissions than lead-acid batteries.
  • Cost-Efficient, Low TCO: Over 50% lower lifetime cost vs. lead acid systems.

Wyoming Hyperscale’s founder, Trenton Thornock and Wyoming Hyperscale have a passion for innovation that is functional and environmentally conscious. Wyoming Hyperscale specifies the nickel-zinc battery chemistry across their entire 120-megawatt campus in every application that can displace hydrogen-producing lead acid batteries, and batteries that contain lithium, both having the potential for thermal runaway.

“We chose to equip our fleet of Caterpillar C175-20 gensets with the SuperTorque 8Z in order to realize both a more reliable and sustainable future”, said Trenton Thornock. “Our collaboration with SENS is a testament to our trust and confidence in the SuperTorque 8Z system.”

“Imagine a world where emergency generators start every time, without fail – and where we can do so simply and safely,” began Eric Solanyk, Director of Genset Power Solutions at SENS. “That’s the world we’re creating with the SuperTorque 8Z.”

Traditional lead-acid genset starting batteries, even when maintained frequently, must be replaced every two to three years, and can fail without warning. The SuperTorque 8Z, with its high-performance NiZn battery, provides stability, longevity and a revolutionary 10-year full replacement factory warranty.

The SuperTorque 8Z is the first truly sustainable genset starting battery. Its NiZn batteries are responsible for 96% lower lifetime GHG emissions compared to their lead-acid counterparts. “Engine starting for power generation is all about reliability,” said Solanyk, “and the SuperTorque 8Z ensures that mission critical engines start every time – sustainably.”

About Wyoming Hyperscale

The Wyoming Hyperscale White Box project offers a vision for creating super-efficient data centers with low impact on the environment and benefits for the local community, including powering an indoor farm with heat from the data center.

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About SENS

SENS is the market leader in non-stop DC power systems, mission-critical filtered chargers and engine start chargers. SENS meticulous design and quality control delivers charger reliability as close to “bulletproof” as is technically possible. For SENS users these dual reliability advantages mean lowest risk of costly downtime.

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