Seeed Studio Unveils Its Latest Advanced Perception System to Leverage Digital Transformation for Industries

SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Seeed Studio, the IoT Hardware Partner, announced its latest roadmap of an advanced perception system of modules, devices and solutions. Aiming to bring system integrators a full toolkit of sensing, networking, and edge computing to leverage digital transformation for industries, these new releases are available for pre-order with more details in its Product Catalog.

In an era of uncertainty, accelerating digital transformation has been adopted as a promising approach to drive growth,” said Eric Pan, Seeed Studios Founder and CEO. Were excited to share our advanced perception system with the world. We believe it can provide the eyes and ears for digital transformation in real wild, enabling industries to see and hear the world with unprecedented clarity. By leveraging these powerful tools, businesses can gain insights, make smarter decisions, and unlock new opportunities.”

Bridging Open Source Hardware to Industrial Sensor Nodes
A SenseCAP Sensor Builder is released with features of IP66 enclosure, RS485 interface, and Cloud synergy for developers to gear up open source hardware for the challenging conditions in the wild.

A Proof of Location LoRaWAN Tracker
To get indoor and outdoor location data, the credit card size SenseCAP Tracker provides accurate and secure solution for assets and personnel tracking. Featuring ultra-low power consumption, it lasts for 2 years with a single charge. It also comes with a revolutionary proof of location, secured by both tamper-proof decoding via Semtech LoRa® Cloud and data transmission via decentralized Helium network.

The Smallest Weather Sensor Calibrated for 80m/s 
Seeed Studio unveils a series of weather sensor, which are maintenance-free, compact, and durable. To ensure the reliability for harsh environment in energy, agriculture, and carbon offsets monitoring, the sensors have passed reliability tests including calibration in a wind tunnel, capable of generating 80m/s wind.

A Raspberry Pi CM4-Powered Integrated Device Master for Industry 4.0
Designed as the center of distributed digital systems, reTerminal DM integrates computing, storage, communication and interaction to unify data flow and manage onsite devices. Supported by Raspberry Pi ecosystem, this future-proof device can be applied to event-driven scenarios with low code programming.

An Edge-Optimized Software Suite for Hardware Deployment
To enable system integrators to manage complex hardware, Solution Builder makes its debut as a software suite to enroll massive devices into digital solutions without any codes. With the software, device deployment, data management and workflow streamline can be ensured efficiently and effectively for scalability, on-premise intelligence, and seamless integration of legacy systems.

Hardware Platforms for Blockchain Based Physical Infrastructure
Moreover, Seeed Studio also shares its contributions to blockchain based physical infrastructure. By working closely with Helium, WeatherXM, Flux, they offer hardware devices to build decentralized network, collect secured and reliable data and create computing infrastructure for Web3.

Smart Chicken Farm Powered by The Advance Perception System
Seeed Studio also shows a smart chicken farm to illustrate how its products are applied in vertical industry to bring environmental monitoring, workflow automation, and anomaly detection to poultry farming. Data of temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia and light are collected by wireless sensors and used to automatically control ventilation and lighting systems. The edge devices and software also collect more data of facility downtime and chickens’ behaviors, which is used to train models and detect anomalies. This enables timely interventions to ensure animal health and production.

In addition to its new product lineup, Seeed Studio also invites global developers to co-create and scale up solutions together with the company’s hardware services of prototyping, customization, manufacturing and global distribution. To learn more, visit here.

About Seeed Studio 
Seeed Studio is your IoT hardware partner for digital transformation. Since 2008, they have been working closely with global technology ecosystems to provide modules, devices, solutions, and services to digital innovators. They integrate the latest technology into open-source modules so innovators can innovate interdependently. With their professional and industrial expertise in smart sensing, networking, edge computing, their ready-to-deploy products are increasingly accelerating myriads of emerging digital solutions in the real world for vertical industries especially energy, field operation, agriculture, and scientific research.

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