Sales Focus Reports 50% Business Growth In 2020 During COVID-19 Pandemic

COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s no secret, the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world with social and economic effects. Many companies worldwide went out of business and many more had to reinvent their business model in order to survive. Sales Focus didn’t have to reinvent their business model, they were able to adjust and put what was already working into high gear, not only growing their business but helping businesses that were looking for a way to not only thrive, “grow”.

Over the last year, Sales Focus Inc. has added 36 new programs as well as expanded two new territories for a current solar energy client. As companies are trying to get back into business and do it from the inside, Sales Focus’s inside sales team has exceeded their expectations. With growth comes change and Sales Focus upgraded their corporate office to a new state of the art office space in Columbia, Maryland, home to all of the inside sales programs. While the company needed to adjust during the pandemic, the hard work and perseverance of its staff contributed to its growth in the face of adversity. 

Sales Focus Inc. continues to focus on emerging stronger from the pandemic with a diverse portfolio of clients, high-impact sales, effective innovation and a highly networked organizational structure.

“Although COVID-19 did impact our business, we adapted quickly to the changes and focused on what we could control. Our ability to adapt to market demands is what allows Sales Focus to grow and thrive over the past 23 years. The credit goes to our staff who are willing to adjust and focus on what can make our customers successful.  Growing by 50% in 2020 was a great achievement for our team, but I’m not surprised, we have a great team.” said Tony Horwath, CEO and president of Sales Focus, Inc.

Sales Focus Inc. 

Sales Focus, Inc. (SFI) is the pioneer in the sales outsourcing industry. “Since 1998, we have developed, implemented and managed hundreds of successful sales and marketing campaigns based on our one foundational principle—improve our clients’ revenue performance quickly. SFI delivers improved sales performance fast. And that’s more than a promise. It’s a guarantee”, said Tony Horwath.

Sales Focus Inc. utilizes its proven S.O.L.D.™ methodology to build a sales plan, implement the plan and manage inside sales or feet-on-the-street sales teams that excel in client acquisition in any marketplace. 

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