Revenue Ascend Celebrates 5th Year of Business by Launching HVAC Technician Student Scholarship Program for 2021

CHICAGO, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áRevenue Ascend LLC (Revenue Ascend), a private and award-winning digital marketing agency that delivers superior revenue-generating results online is announcing the recent launch of its HVAC and plumbing digital marketing system which will eliminate the need for any HVAC or plumbing owner to ever hire a monthly retainer digital marketing agency again and keep full control of its business growth.

More importantly, Revenue Ascend is announcing the Revenue Ascend HVAC Technician Student Scholarship program for 2021. Revenue Ascend is committed to helping HVAC technicians and HVAC business owners of the future. They created these technician scholarships to provide free tuition to HVAC students.

Revenue Ascend Exclusive HVAC And Plumbing Digital Marketing System

“The digital marketing industry typically delivers low levels of service, over promises big results, wastes valuable time, and ends up being a huge frustration for any HVAC and plumbing business owner looking for predictable growth,” comments the Founding Director Jonathan Tuttle.

Mr. Tuttle continued with “Revenue Ascend is pulling back the curtain, quickly online coaching your staff on how to set up automation, follow-ups, leverage technology, and digital marketing best practices, personally setting up your Facebook and Google lead ads so you never have to hire another digital marketing agency ever again. Additionally, we provide other high-value resources and a private community to help your business ongoing. All this for the price of 3-4 months of a typical agency monthly fees, which means you will save at least $20,000-40,000 per year, plus keep full control of your business growth.”

“Right now, if done correctly, digital marketing is the most predictable and measurable way to increasing your business revenue in 2021 and going forward even during challenging and unprecedented times.”

“Additionally, we believe in truly helping the HVAC and Plumbing industry as we are launching the HVAC technician scholarship program for 2021. We wanted to help deserving kids and encourage others to get into this growing industry as there is an unprecedented skilled labor shortage, especially in the HVAC technician space. What better way to raise awareness of this immediate problem, show them there are great-paying jobs that have readily available current positions and without the huge burden of typical college student loans that most students occur. Skilled labor is not a fallback position, but a genuine positive career choice. And we are here to help some HVAC students start off debt-free!”

Scholarship Application Details

Please submit the following: An email with your name, email, and the HVAC school you applied to or went to: Along with a video 2-3 minutes or a short essay with 400-500 words that answer the following question: What are the reasons you wanted to get into the HVAC space? How you plan on making a positive impact on others? What are your long-term goals? The applicants with the best strategy (and based on availability) will be awarded the scholarships.

Submissions Deadline: April 20, 2022 and the Award Date: May 11, 2022

For additional information about the HVAC and plumbing digital marketing coaching solution, visit Revenue Ascends website at

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HVAC Technician Scholarship Program

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