Reformulated Diesel Fuel Drops Emissions Below that of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

LAS VEGAS, July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vegas Renewable Diesel Inc. (VRD) announces the successful development and testing of a near non-polluting, reformulated diesel fuel that is fully drop-in compatible with diesel #2 (ASTM D975). A Nevada smog test with an opacity meter rating of 0.5% confirms the remarkable achievement. The typical hybrid electric car would measure at 0.72% on this test.

Since 2009, manufacturers worldwide have installed a diesel particulate filter (DPF) into every diesel vehicle produced. With this innovation came warning lights, repairs, downtime, and high cost in maintenance and replacement parts of these DPF’s. These problems are caused when diesel engines produce soot as a result of incomplete fuel combustion.

The soot comes out of the exhaust pipe. It is the black smoke you see when you are behind a diesel vehicle. Simply put: it is unburned diesel fuel. Your diesel engine may be burning as little as 65% of the fuel. Ideally, complete combustion in a cylinder would only produce carbon dioxide and water, but no engine is completely efficient.

VRD has reformulated the old, soot-laden diesel fuel that has gone unimproved for over 150 years. This reformulated diesel fuel, we call UC2, is sold exclusively by VRD:

  • Eliminates soot and ash
  • Eliminates DPF maintenance
  • Regens are a thing of the past
  • Saves your truck fleet $thousands
  • Provides better fuel economy due to a 99.5% complete burn
  • Produces more BTU energy per gallon, meaning more bang for your buck
  • Eliminates maintenance and cleaning of the entire DPF and keeps sensors working clean, for as long as you burn our UC2 diesel fuel

Our UC2 diesel produced only by VRD not only reduces the maintenance cost of a fleet of trucks, but you also enjoy a cleaner burning fuel, better fuel economy, and a cleaner engine. A clean engine will last longer and gets you closer to the manufacturer’s designed mileage for the lifetime for that engine.

Soot generated by the fuel also finds its way into crankcase oil in many ways:

  • Periods of excessive idling
  • Worn piston rings
  • Injectors with poor fuel spray patterns
  • Rich air-fuel ratios
  • Clogged air filters decreasing the air supply, which increases the fuel-air ratio and ultimately leads to increased soot formation

Incomplete combustion occurs and soot is formed when there is an overabundance of fuel (both diesel fuel and lube oil), insufficient residence time in the combustion zone, and/or non-availability of sufficient oxidants. Over-fueling is the primary cause of black smoke from the exhaust of a heavy duty diesel engine. The resulting soot then ends up clogging the DPF.

VRD now offers a reformulated #2 ULSD! This diesel fuel is called UC2!

The most important quality of this fuel is that it almost eliminates soot, coming out of your exhaust!

  • UC2 meets and or exceeds all ASTM D975 testing
  • UC2 costs is only 2 cents more than you pay now
  • UC2 is drop-in compatible with diesel #2 (ASTM D975)
  • UC2 Is a reformulated fossil diesel made to burn more completely
  • UC2 is the most environmentally responsible fuel produced today
  • UC2 almost eliminates all soot, ending up in your DPF
  • UC2 will burn cleaner and more complete. Opacity is less than a hybrid electric vehicle
  • UC2 will save you money on maintenance for your entire fleet

Burning our top tier UC2 diesel will extend the life of your engines. Just switch diesel with your supplier and run UC2 for a week. You will be impressed with the results.

VRD Founder and Inventor, Timothy D. Wetzel, has researched and experimented with renewable fuels over 30 years. After running his own fuels, in his own truck for 845,000 miles, as well as testing in every possible vehicle for millions of trouble free miles, he can confidently proclaim that, "It’s the best fuel on the planet."

VRD has spent 2021 and the first half of 2022 preparing its renewable diesel refinery in Las Vegas. Fuel deliveries throughout Clark County have already begun. To learn more about VRD, go to:

Media Contact: Timothy D. Wetzel at (310) 658-1508 or

SOURCE Vegas Renewable Diesel Inc.