Reduce Up to 95 Percent Labor on Emergency Lighting Audit With Aleddra’s Self-Testing Emergency Tube Lamps

RENTON, Wash., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To be compliant with most emergency lighting regulations, it is required to conduct a 30-second audit monthly and a 90-minute audit annually on all emergency lighting equipment. For large facilities with hundreds of different types of emergency lighting equipment, these audits are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly. Two years ago, a NASA facilities engineer at Kennedy Space Center challenged Aleddra to come up with a solution to help solve his “pain” of emergency lighting equipment audits.

The Aleddra Gen4 Self-Testing/Self-Diagnosis Emergency Tube is the answer we came up with for his challenge. This Gen4 Emergency Tube is available in both T8 and T5 designs. Its internal clock starts after the Gen4 tube has been energized for 48 hours. Afterwards, the Gen4 tube will automatically perform the 30-second test every 30 days and 90-minute test annually. Should the Gen4 tube detect the battery not meeting specifications, the GREEN LED indicator on the end cap will flash rapidly notifying the user it is time to replace the tube. The flashing indicator allows the facilities personnel to simply walk the building, look for the rapidly flashing green LED indicators and replace the tubes that are flashing. This self-testing/self-diagnosis feature dramatically reduces the labor to test and audit the Gen4 tubes by up to 95%. Furthermore, the end user can get rid of the material and the labor costs associated with the regular and emergency ballasts, since Aleddra Gen4 Emergency Tube does not use any ballast.

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The Gen4 EM T8 tube is available in both 2-ft and 4-ft and the Gen4 EM T5 tube is available in 4-ft. Here are their web links:

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