Reasons for Hope in The Climate Fight — Despite Skepticism

Aeroseal leaders share highlights from COP28 after spotlight from Bill Gates

MIAMISBURG, Ohio, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After Bill Gates spotlighted the company ahead of the world’s largest climate conference, Aeroseal’s business leaders exited COP28 optimistic for the future of near-zero building emissions.

Aeroseal sent representatives from the United States and the Middle East to Dubai, including the Vice President of Commercial Business, Guy Colglazier. Colgazier said one of the conference’s highlights was the announcement of Buildings Breakthrough. The initiative covers new construction and major renovations and is an international effort for near-zero emissions and climate-resilient buildings by 2030. Twenty-seven countries, including the United States, joined the effort.

Buildings account for about a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions,” Colgazier said. “Aeroseal’s aim to decarbonize the building sector falls right in line with the Buildings Breakthrough pledge to not only establish 2030 targets but to take concrete actions towards reaching those goals.”

The Buildings Breakthrough is part of the Breakthrough Agenda, which was launched at COP26 in 2021, provides a framework for countries, companies, and society to collaborate on initiatives that will limit global temperature rise to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius and encourage international cooperation across seven key emitting sectors, including buildings. Aeroseal is part of that equation as the company provides a way to seal invisible air leaks inside HVAC systems’ ductwork and building envelopes better than any other method available. The company’s goal is to use its technology to reduce carbon emissions from buildings by one gigaton annually.

“As Gates highlighted in his YouTube video before the conference, Aeroseal is just one of several companies with climate solutions that will help us reduce emissions dramatically,” Aeroseal CEO Amit Gupta said. “When you see all the smart and inventive products that are now available to address climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, we know — even with disagreement on some issues — that we can effect real change and improve our world by 2030.”

This is the second year in a row Gates has identified Aeroseal publicly as a promising solution to the problem of carbon emissions from buildings. Visit Aeroseal’s website for a quote on envelope sealing or duct sealing.

Aeroseal provides innovative air-sealing solutions for HVAC ductwork and building envelopes that improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The company’s patented technologies are widely recognized for reducing energy waste and optimizing building and HVAC system performance. With a mission to create healthier, more sustainable buildings, Aeroseal has sealed more than 260,000 buildings — from homes, hospitals, and schools to government facilities, hotels, and offices — worldwide, generating billions of dollars in energy savings.

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