Q2 Technologies Wraps-up the Year with +84 million Barrels of Oil Treated

HOUSTON and MIDLAND, Texas, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It has been a tremendously busy year at Q2 Technologies. The Company is incredibly thankful to the entire team that made it happen each and everyday for Q2’s Clients.

Q2’s logistics team members traveled over 75,000 miles to deliver products to Clients this year. The products have treated over 84 million barrels of crude oil.

To put that into perspective, that’s equivalent of the Q2 logistics team taking 3 laps around the world delivering the products to various locations and treating more than 5,000 Olympic sized swimming pools full of crude oil!

84 million barrels of crude oil yield about 37 million gallons of gasoline (which could be used to drive over 600 million miles), 23 million gallons of distillates like diesel, 8 million gallons of jet fuel, and from those same barrels there would be enough electrical generation to power over 500,000 US homes for a year, and still enough residual petrochemicals to make many of the everyday items we need like plastic, shampoo, paint, detergent, roofing, asphalt, fertilizer, aspirin, ink, and clothing. Derived results from a barrel crude oil sourced from EIA.gov and VisualCapitalist.com.

Further, Q2 currently treats in 5 different time zones at the wellhead for Producers, in the pipeline and terminals for Midstreamers, and at dock tanks, lightered vessels at port, and beyond into VLCCs.

About Q2 Technologies, LLC:

Q2 Technologies specializes in increasing the value of crude oil barrels by offering several solutions:  Pro3® line of non-triazine H2S scavengers and ProM® line of non-triazine mercaptan scavengers for crude oil applications. The Pro3® /ProM® technologies currently treat over 7 million barrels of crude oil and condensate each month at major pipelines and terminals in the US. For more information, contact Philip Weigand at
 or +1 (832) 328-2200.

Q2 Technologies has been in business for over 20 years. Q2 Technologies is a spin-off of Quaker Chemical and developed the MEA-Triazine scavengers used world-wide today in the late 1980’s. Q2 Technologies is an expert in H2S and mercaptan removal solutions. Q2 Technologies has H2S and mercaptan removal experience in the oil & gas, pulp & paper, wastewater, and landfill gas industries. By combining its experience and research and development within these industries, Q2 Technologies offers superior engineering, application, and chemical solutions. 

Philip Weigand

+1 (832) 328-2200

Q2 Technologies, LLC, EIA.gov, VisualCapitalist.com

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