Power Storage Solutions Earns Coveted ISNETWorld RAVS Plus Safety

DALLAS, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PWR Storage Solutions, dba Power Storage Solutions, has been a member of ISNETWorld since we began in 2018. ISN® is a global leader in helping hiring client customers identify and manage contractors and suppliers that meet the customer’s safety and risk expectations. In September 2021 PWR Storage Solutions successfully concluded the ISN® RAVS PLUS® audit process. RAVS PLUS® is a deep-dive review and audit by ISN® of our written health and safety programs and how those programs are implemented. This process included interviews our employees to assess their level of knowledge of, and compliance with, the written our health and safety policies.

Heath Yackel, Houston Service Manager, "Our team recognizes health and safety programs as benefitting not only their health and safety, but also the health and safety of our clients and subcontractors on the projects we work on." 

Cindy Scott led the effort to receive this coveted safety rating. Five Technicians were audited by ISNET and represented the Technician Team extremely well – Kenneth DeBerry, Lorenzo DeLeon, Bradley Orn, Kenneth Self and Manny Carter. The Management verbal audit included Heath Yackel, Dustin Hoffpauir, Cindy Scott, and Derrick Elledge. This team represented Power Storage Solutions commitment to Safety and Health of our employees.

"We see our health and safety programs as benefitting not only the health and safety of our employees, but also the health and safety of our clients and subcontractors on the projects we work on," said Derrick Elledge, VP of Operations.

This prestigious certification is achieved by only a small percentage of ISNetworld members. Some of our current customers will only allow RAVS Plus Participant companies on-site to perform work, and many other companies hire RAVS Plus Participant companies before anyone else.

About Power Storage Solutions
Power Storage Solutions (PWRSS) is an innovative solutions provider and service company for DC Power. Power Storage was founded in 2018 and has expanded to six locations and service technicians throughout the continental US. Power Storage Solutions provides cradle to grave power solutions – engineering, fulfillment, installation, preventive maintenance, and recycling. PWRSS clients are Fortune 500 companies within Petrochemical, Telecommunications, Utilities, Data Centers, Financial, Healthcare and Education.  PWRSS also provides solutions for the emerging markets of grid stabilization, micro-grid and load shifting for businesses and electric transmission.

Headquarter in Dallas, TX. Locations:  Houston, TX, Detroit, MI, Orlando, FL, Lexington, KY and Sacramento, CA

For more information, visit pwrstoragesolutions.com.

Derrick Elledge


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