Partners in Powering the World – VALYNT Approved by Saudi Aramco to Provide Catalyzing Chemicals to Help Overall Petroleum Production

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VALYNT ( proudly announced that it had been officially approved as a registered supplier of specialty chemicals to oil industry giant, Saudi Aramco – a significant designation granted to few. Specializing in additives that enhance crude oil production and refinement, VALYNT creates a variety of proprietary, non-toxic petroleum additives along with technical process enhancements that reduce friction and production costs. Helping to mitigate the overall environmental impacts of supplying petroleum to the world, VALYNT is a Missouri-based firm specializing in iron/steel/aluminum production for North America, crude oil production and refinement additives, and logistics involving global supply lines for both government and private sector interests.

"This announcement has been years in the making and we’re extremely gratified to be working with Saudi Aramco," said Charles Smith, President and Managing Director of VALYNT. "We’ve been quietly but persistently perfecting our additives, working in tandem with Saudi Aramco’s labs to develop these products to their exacting specifications and needs. VALYNT is grateful for both the opportunity to assist in world petroleum production and to our technicians and engineers for seeing this – and our many other projects – through to success."

The list of additives developed by VALYNT approved by Saudi Aramco includes:

  • PSI: Desludging chemical for hydro carbons.
  • VX-H2S: Reduces hydrogen disulfide and mercaptan in crude oil, refinery products, and gas condensate.
  • VX-DRA: Drag reducing agent that increases pipeline productivity and reduces frictional pressures.
  • VX-VSR: Crude viscosity reducing agent to help facilitate downhole oil production.
  • VX-WSD: Water soluble demulsifier that quickly separates water from crude oil.

For detailed information on other innovative VALYNT products related to both petroleum production and the steel industry, go online. Or follow VALYNT on social media: LinkedIn.


One of the fastest-growing supply chain companies, VALYNT provides high-efficiency oilfield additive products in bulk quantities at less cost. And VALYNT’s bulk materials division services a wide variety of aggregate and raw materials users globally, including iron and steel production, oil refineries, and zinc and copper smelters. VALYNT’s logistics department manages shipping and receiving of all VALYNT movements including carbon, scrap metals and petrochemicals, improving the supply chain from the source to the destination – saving companies time and money. VALYNT partners include Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company, Kataman Metals, ESSCO – Energy Supply & Services Company, Alton Steel Inc., Liberty Steel and Wire, and Engineered Lubricants. Learn more at:

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Charles Smith, President