OUR&D Announces $50,000 Request for Proposals for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Research

DENVER, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today OUR&D released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to award a $50,000 grant for early stage research into sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). 

The RFP focuses on the need for SAFs, asking respondents for their innovative ideas which need proof of concept to develop further. Aviation is responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions. At the moment, there is no viable option for clean and sustainable aviation fuel, so OUR&D is asking for ideas that will solve this problem, and will fund the scientist with the most promising idea with enough financial support to take the idea through the proof of concept stage of development.

“We are pleased to be able to make this funding available to scientists who are working on one of the most important technological problems of our time,” said Ethan Palay, President of OUR&D’s Board of Directors. “The science is clear, we must eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, and there is no clear path for the aviation industry to accomplish this goal.” Paley continued, “OUR&D was formed to solve climate-related technological issues, such as carbon-emitting aviation fuel, by supporting scientists who are creating proofs of concepts for new climate solutions.”

Applicants may submit responses to the RFP found here on the OUR&D website (https://our-and-d.org/saf-apply). The RFP will be posted for eight weeks, with a stated deadline of June 10, 2021, and OUR&D expects it will take about six weeks to review the responses and choose the recipient of the $50,000 grant to help take their promising idea to the proof of concept level. 

About OUR&D
OUR&D is a unique grassroots funding source for clean energy research. Founded by a group of clean energy scientists and experts, the 501(c)(3) was designed to fill the gap referred to as the “valley of death” that sits between good ideas and traditional funding sources. OUR&D works to fund as many ideas as possible to make sure that potentially world-changing innovations get far enough along to qualify for either government, academic, or industry funding. It can take years of research to bring a new technology to market, making it essential to fund promising ideas now. OUR&D empowers concerned citizens from all walks of life to participate first-hand in the development of clean energy technologies that are necessary to avert climate catastrophe.
For more information visit www.our-and-d.org.

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