OhmConnect Offers Relief from Rising Utility Bills with New Program that Pays Members Cash Every Month for Saving Energy

Members With Smart Thermostats and Smart Plugs Receive $80 Annually, and Can Reduce Energy Use by 10%

OAKLAND, Calif., April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OhmConnect, the world’s leading residential energy flexibility provider, today launched OhmPlus, a new program that offers members a payment every month for saving energy using smart devices. At a time when utility customers are struggling with spiking inflation and rising energy prices, OhmConnect is providing immediate relief to consumers in California and New York.

The new program lets consumers select their monthly cash payment amount based on how many smart devices they connect to OhmConnect’s platform and use to automatically save energy when it’s most expensive. Members can receive $5 every month for using a smart thermostat or two smart plugs; or they can receive up to $7 every month for using a smart thermostat plus two smart plugs.

Members who sign up for the program can use their own smart thermostat and smart plugs, or they can get them from OhmConnect at reduced or no cost. OhmConnect is leaning into smart devices because members who use them save on average 4.5x more than members without devices, and they make it easier for every family to automatically save energy.

"Families are seeing inflation eat into their budget, so we created this program to help them save energy and consistently receive extra money every month," said Cisco DeVries, CEO of OhmConnect. "Rising energy prices will affect everyone this summer, but especially families in hotter climate zones, such as California’s Central Valley and Inland Empire. Last summer, new OhmConnect customers with a smart device reduced their energy use by 10% on average during summer and fall months. This summer, we’re also offering payments of up to $7 a month."

OhmConnect has a well-established record of serving members who want to get paid for saving energy. With more than 250,000 smart devices and appliances connected to its platform, OhmConnect is in a prime position to help households with their rising electricity costs. Last month, the average Northern California household saw their electric bill increase by $14, and that is expected to rise this summer when home cooling costs spike.

OhmConnect members receive real-time alerts when energy costs go up due to increased demand. That gives members the opportunity to reduce the use of high energy appliances, such as washer/dryers, relieving stress on the electric grid and helping reduce their electric use when it’s most expensive. Members using smart devices can choose to have connected devices automatically power down so that they don’t have to do it manually.

In addition to the monthly payment for using connected smart devices, members will also receive credit for their home’s overall energy savings. They can use these OhmConnect "points" in the OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace or enter to win major biweekly prizes, such as a trip to Disneyland or energy bills paid for a year.

"We know that every family has a lot on their plate right now, so we made energy saving easy, fun, and automatic," DeVries said. "Empowering households to reduce electricity use when it is most expensive also helps manage your utility bill."

California residents can sign up for OhmConnect here.
New York residents can sign up for OhmConnect here.

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OhmConnect, winner of the 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award, helps hundreds of thousands of customers manage their at-home electricity and rewards them for smarter energy use. The company pays its customers for saving electricity when the grid is stressed and likely to utilize dirty power, unlocking clean, affordable, and reliable energy. With more than $17 million in rewards paid to its customers, OhmConnect is making a future of 100% clean energy accessible to everyone. Customers of the three major California electricity utilities– Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) – as well as Con Edison in New York, can sign up with OhmConnect for free at ohmconnect.com. Follow OhmConnect on Twitter @OhmConnect, read the OhmConnect blog or check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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