OhmConnect Energy Boasts Impressive Savings and Protects Grid During Summer Heatwaves

Demand Response Program Resulted in 65 MWh in Energy Reduction and 6% Savings in Customers’ Energy Bills

HOUSTON, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OhmConnect Energy (OCE), a first-of-its kind energy provider integrating residential demand response in all of its offerings, made significant strides in demonstrating the value of its offering as a critical tool in the transition to a renewable energy future. As temperatures soared and power consumption broke records across the state, OCE’s community of energy-savers responded to calls to reduce their usage, taking strain off the grid while also reducing their utility bills.

OCE utilizes demand response (DR) during peak times and rewards its customers for saving energy. OCE dispatched nearly 40 energy-saving events, throughout the month of August, giving its customers more chances to save money, while playing their part in stabilizing the grid.

During the summer heatwaves, OCE customers collectively delivered 65MWh in energy savings to the grid by consistently reducing peak load by 5% during energy savings events. OCE customers also saved 6% – 8% on their energy bills.

“As heatwaves and risk of blackouts become more common in Texas, empowering residential customers to play a part in the market will continue to be invaluable in supporting the grid,” said Don Whaley, Advisor to OCE. Residential DR places the power in the hands of consumers, enabling them to have a positive impact on the grid while simultaneously reducing their monthly electric bills. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The State of Texas has begun to recognize demand response as an essential solution for ensuring grid reliability, OCE’s significant achievements are a compelling example of what is possible with residential demand response. The introduction of SB 1699, which encourages electric providers to offer demand response capabilities to their customers, is a significant first step in the evolution of Texas’ electric grid and the energy economy at large. SB 1699 directs the Public Utility Commission to set targets for energy reduction during peak times; OCE customers set an impressive standard with their performance this summer and one that can serve as a guide for the Commission as it establishes future goals for the market.

“Innovation and collaboration have paved the way for exciting developments in our approach to grid reliability,” said Laura Persson, General Manager of OCE. “The success story of OCE and the introduction of SB 1699 serve as an inspirational blueprint for the future. They both highlight the potential for demand response to not only meet, but surpass, our expectations for energy savings, underscoring the significant strides we can make in advancing the evolution of our electric grid.”

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About OhmConnect Energy

OhmConnect Energy (OCE) is a new kind of retail electricity provider (REP) bringing innovation to a 20-year-old market through demand response. Delivering value to its customers and the grid, OCE pays its customers to save energy in times of peak demand.

OhmConnect, Inc., OhmConnect Energy’s parent company and winner of the 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award, helps hundreds of thousands of customers manage their at-home electricity and rewards them for smarter energy use. Today, OhmConnect enables nearly 200,000 customers in California to conserve energy in periods of high demand and has paid out more than $17 million in rewards paid to its customers for timely, smarter, home energy use. OhmConnect collaborates with LG, Google Nest, Carrier, SunPower, ecobee, TP Link, and 25 other companies and manufacturers.

OCE is bringing this proven model to help Texans deal with the changing realities of the ERCOT grid.

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