Nature’s Generator Launches their Newest Whole-Home Powerhouse Solar Generator System in the Philippines

The US-based Nature’s Generator is releasing the new state-of-the-art solar generator system specifically designed and engineered for international markets.

CAMARILLO, Calif., Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nature’s Generator, a leader in renewable solar and wind energy home integration products, today launched the new Powerhouse home solar generator, specially designed for the Philippines and other international markets.

This newest addition to the Nature’s Generator Powerhouse whole-home solar-generator product line features a sleek modular and modern design that allows users to easily customize the battery capacity for their home’s power needs. The generator also has a built-in solar charge controller providing users a simple solar panel connection to harvest free solar energy.

“Our goal at Nature’s Generator is to bring expandable and affordable clean energy to homes across the globe to both combat the climate crisis and offer protection when disaster strikes,” says Lawrence Zhou, CEO of Nature’s Generator. “We continue to witness how devastating the monsoon season can be in the Philippines. We designed our newest Powerhouse system to meet needs specific to the Philippines while retaining the high quality and cost-saving performance we at Nature’s Generator pride ourselves on achieving. By doing this we feel we can make a true difference in the growing Philippines market.”

On the heels of Super Typhoon Betty (known as Typhoon Mawar in the US), Typhoon Egay (known as Typhoon Doksuri in the US), ravaged the Philippines just weeks ago with winds of 140 mph, killing at least 35 people and leaving thousands without power. Cyclones like these can hit at any time, but the most devastating activity usually occurs from June to September, making it critical for people to have a disaster plan ready to help protect their families.

With the newest Powerhouse designed for international distribution, users can connect Nature’s Generator’s home solar panels to the Powerhouse which features an integrated advanced battery management system (BMS) that stores solar energy for backup power and emergency use. During daylight, the user’s home consumes power directly from the solar panel system while the excess solar energy is stored for night use and/or for use during an emergency power outage.

This international Powerhouse comes with the Eco-Intelligent Li technology first introduced in our US Powerhouse product line. The Eco-Intelligent Li battery management system uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, offering four times the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries plus improved safety, stability, and affordability. It also allows for use of both LiFePO4 and lead acid battery systems simultaneously — an industry first – while also solving the problem of intelligently managing old and new lithium batteries to stop older batteries from draining newer batteries. Answering this problem saves consumers money when upgrading their systems, because they no longer must replace their entire battery system when expanding their systems.

Features and specifications of the Nature’s Generator Powerhouse system for the international market include:

  • Capacity: 5040Wh
  • Cycle life: ≥6000
  • Rated output power: 6500W
  • Output voltage: 230Vac 60Hz
  • Solar input power: 7200W
  • Solar input voltage range: 120-450Vdc

Nature’s Generator Powerhouse system can be expanded by adding 5040Wh Power Pods or 410W solar panels.

“Just like fighting the climate crisis, preparing for natural disasters requires quick action and bold solutions,” said Zhou. “By providing reliable renewable power to all parts of the world, we can empower consumers and give them performance for everyday living and peace of mind for disaster preparedness — without overspending.”

The Nature’s Generator Powerhouse is available in four tiers – Powerhouse, Powerhouse + Power Pod, Powerhouse Gold, and Powerhouse Platinum – starting at Php 199,000. Nature’s Generator Philippines is taking orders now and will fulfill the orders by September 2023. For more information, please visit:

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