MP Machinery and Testing Provides Advanced Testing Services for the US Advanced Nuclear Reactor Initiative

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MP Machinery and Testing (“MPM”), a Praesidian Capital portfolio company and a global leader in advanced testing and test development is providing advanced testing services for the US advanced nuclear reactor initiative. MPM has operated its hot cells under an NRC radioactive materials license for Light Water Reactor (“LWR”) surveillance capsule testing and failure analysis work for more than 25 years. The company not only provides a broad range of testing services but is also a manufacturer of testing and thermal conditioning equipment.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (“ADRP”) has been funding diverse plant designs that range from advanced light-water-cooled small modular reactors (“SMRs”) to new designs that use molten salt or inert gases for heat transfer at very high temperatures to gain thermal efficiency. MPM has been using its unique combination of experience and skill to build testing solutions capable of measuring materials data at temperatures up to 1,200 C to meet the need for new material database development. MPM’s LWR nuclear hot cells can also be easily adapted for post-irradiation machining and testing of highly irradiated advanced reactor materials.

Dr. Michael Manahan Sr., MPM’s Founder said, “MPM has a unique combination of testing technology knowledge and experience in handling, shipping, and testing radioactive materials. Its high temperature testing equipment production will enable testing over the range of room temperature to 1,200 C, which is needed for many of the small modular reactors like the eVinciTM reactor.  MPM is well positioned at the forefront of nuclear technology advancement and will support the industries’ testing needs during the reactor development phase and in the operating plant phase where component surveillance and operations support will be needed.”

“MPM customers and competitor testing laboratories routinely come to MPM for assistance in non-standard testing applications,” said Tom Duffy, Praesidian Capital Partner. “Dr. Manahan invented the field of miniaturized mechanical testing over 40 years ago and has advanced the small specimen testing technology to include miniature Charpy, fracture toughness, tensile, compression, and stress corrosion cracking testing. Miniaturized specimen technology delivers mechanical properties with the same precision as full-sized specimens and enables small specimens for irradiation studies and for failure analyses at nuclear power plants where only small pieces of material are available for testing.”

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