Mission Secure, Idaho National Laboratory Announce Partnership to Protect Critical Infrastructure

Partnership will expand reach of proven cybersecurity methodology

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mission Secure announced today that it has partnered with Idaho National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory, to expand the adoption of the Consequence-Driven, Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE) methodology to protect critical infrastructure against cyber threats. 

“CCE is going to transform industrial cybersecurity over the next decade, and we are thrilled to be on the leading edge of that transformation,” said Mission Secure Executive Chairman Dr. Jens Meggers. “Mission Secure has always been focused on preventing high-consequence cyber events, so the CCE methodology is a perfect complement to our approach.”

The CCE methodology was developed by Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic cyber attacks against critical infrastructure systems. The methodology aims to design out opportunities for adversaries to inflict real-world damage to the power grid, oil and gas facilities, water systems, transportation systems, and other critical assets. CCE’s “think like the adversary” approach helps organizations reduce or eliminate the consequences of a cyber attack, even if an adversary is able to gain access to critical systems.

Through its partnership with Idaho National Laboratory, Mission Secure will apply the CCE methodology to help customers identify critical cyber risks and implement engineering changes and cybersecurity controls to mitigate those risks. CCE techniques can be applied to existing facilities as well as to greenfield facilities that are still in the design phase. 

“Consequence-driven, cyber-Informed engineering is a powerful tool for reducing risks to critical infrastructure,” said Zach Tudor, INL National and Homeland Security Associate Lab Director. “We are excited to partner with Mission Secure in bringing the methodology to more organizations.”

Mission Secure will apply the CCE methodology to assist critical infrastructure operators in a variety of ways, including conducting cyber risk assessments, developing secure OT network designs, and optimizing deployments of the company’s process-aware OT cybersecurity platform.

“The OT cyber threat landscape changes every day,” said Ed Suhler, Mission Secure co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “Our partnership with Idaho National Laboratory will keep Mission Secure a step ahead, and ultimately, make our customers more resilient in the face of unpredictable threats.”

About Mission Secure

Mission Secure is a leader in cybersecurity for operational technology and industrial control systems, helping customers gain visibility and control over their critical assets. With unmatched threat detection and policy enforcement capabilities, Mission Secure enables effective Zero Trust architectures for customers in manufacturing, maritime, oil and gas, and other industries. Learn more at www.missionsecure.com.

About Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

INL is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory that performs work in each of DOE’s strategic goal areas: energy, national security, science and environment. INL is the nation’s center for nuclear energy research and development. Day-to-day management and operation of the laboratory is the responsibility of Battelle Energy Alliance. More information can be found at www.inl.gov.

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