Methane Recapture Services by 9th Fastest Growing Company in America, Paxon Energy & Infrastructure, Helps U.S. Utilities Recover 20 Million Square Cubic Feet of the Greenhouse Gas Known to Contribute 30% to Global Warming

Woman-Owned PAXON Makes Methane Recovery a Priority, Capture to Date Translates to Saving What Would Have Been 14 Million Gas Car Driven Miles, 6 Million Pounds of Burned Coal + More

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Based on the fact that oil and gas systems in the U.S. are the largest sources of methane emissions (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), a 30% contribution to global warming, a futurist woman-owned engineering firm, PAXON, is reporting the return of 20 million square cubic feet of methane annually back into systems that can be used for energy production. Use of PAXON’s methane recompression services for their major utility clients alone translates into alleviating the damage that would have been caused by 14,858,722 gas car driven miles, 6,598,026 pounds of burned coal, 319 tons of CO2, 2037 tons of recycled waste and what 7820 acres of forest would have been needed to clean the air.

PAXON is an energy-based firm that specializes in helping utilities to identify, manage and upgrade energy systems such as underground pipelines, power and electrical systems; aging infrastructure, some of it first established in the 1800’s. The methane recapture system replaces old industry practices of burning off (flaring) or blowing down (venting) methane from natural gas pipelines or at the production well heads.

“PAXON is prioritizing our methane recapture services for our utility clients because it has the potential for such a significant contribution to the next 150 years,” said Founder, Nooshin Behroyan. “With programs like this, we can make an impact that helps meet the new 2030 30% methane emission reduction goals announced by President Biden at the global climate conference last month in Egypt. We are on a mission to ensure the infrastructure of this country supplies light, heat and energy in an environment that supports the thriving of our great-grandchildren.”

According to the EPA, oil and gas systems are the next largest sources of methane emissions from human activities in the United States, followed by livestock enteric fermentation, and landfills. China, the United States, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria and Mexico are estimated to be responsible for nearly half of all anthropogenic methane emissions. For example, coal production is a key source of methane emissions in China, whereas Russia emits most of its methane from natural gas and oil systems.

About – PAXON Energy & Infrastructure – is a full service engineering and woman-owned energy infrastructure company that provides customized pipeline integrity services, methane recapture, electric grid modernization, and vegetation management services. PAXON is on a mission to inform, renovate and technologize utility companies with intel that strengthens and environmentalizes energy infrastructure into the next century. PAXON’s whose revenue has skyrocketed 22742% in only 3 years and has been noted as the 9th fastest growing company in America. PAXON is a multi-award winning firm and WBENC-certified firm.

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