Kanguru Expands Its Encrypted & Non-Encrypted Data Storage Line with New 512GB High-Capacity USB Flash Drives

MILLIS, Mass., Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kanguru has expanded its world-class line of Defender® Hardware Encrypted Flash Drives with new 512 Gigabytes (GB) high-capacity data storage, giving organizations and individuals the ability to store significant amounts of information under the best data security products available on the market. Kanguru has also expanded its line of non-encrypted flash drives with large amounts of data storage.

Store Lots of Data with Military Grade AES 256-Bit Hardware Encryption

Users can store, access and transfer generous amounts of information on one encrypted thumb drive with ample storage space compared to lower-capacity alternatives, storing documents, multimedia files, music libraries, high-resolution photos, software, and more under military grade AES 256-Bit Hardware Encryption. Kanguru also has secure and non-encrypted SSDs available with up to 8T.

Kanguru Defender encrypted drives protect sensitive data from unauthorized access with exceptional, built-in high-security benefits:

  • FIPS 140-2 Certified (Select Models)
  • AES/XTS 256-Bit Hardware Encryption
  • Command Console with Onboard Browser
  • Onboard Anti-Virus Protection by Bitdefender®
  • Digitally-Signed, Secure Firmware
  • Physical Write Protect Switch (Select Models)
  • Optional Secure Backup with USBtoCloud®
  • Brute Force/Tamper-Proof Protection
  • Remotely Manageable with Fully-Integrated Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC™)
  • Optional Self Service Password Management Recovery
  • High-Quality, Rugged Alloy Housing
  • Customization Features
  • TAA Compliant

Defender Hardware Encrypted Flash Drives with High-Capacity Storage Include:

  • Defender 3000™ – FIPS 140-2 Certified, Brute-Force Protected, Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive
  • Defender Elite300FIPS 140-2 Certified, Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive with Physical Write Protect Switch
  • Defender Elite30 – Commercial-grade, Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive with Physical Write Protect Switch

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For users who may not be in the market for encryption but are in need of high-capacity drives, the following devices also offer high-capacity storage options:

  • Kanguru FlashTrust™ – Digitally-Signed, Secure Firmware Flash Drive
  • Kanguru SS3 – High-Performance Flash Drive
  • Kanguru UltraLock SSD – External Solid State Drive with Physical Write Protect Switch
  • Kanguru UltraLock HDD – External Hard Drive with Physical Write Protect Switch

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See also Kanguru’s 4T capacity NVMe SSD with exceptional performance:

Portable, Compact and Lightweight

Thanks to their compact and lightweight portability, Kanguru flash drives are a convenient way to carry and transfer large volumes of files on a single, compact device between different computers and locations.  Users can easily access and transfer presentations, photos and media across multiple platforms. Fast data transfers allow quick access and copying of files from one device to another, and is much safer and reliable than online transfers. This is particularly useful for professionals who work across multiple locations.

Ideal for Backups

Users will find that high-capacity memory sticks are an excellent solution for backing up crucial files.  Creating a portable backup that can be stored separately from an original device is a necessary step in data protection for many reasons, including disaster recovery, accidental erase, hardware or human error.  For Defender encrypted drives it also assists organizations in meeting complex security policies and compliance requirements while meeting GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and more.

Fast Data Transfers

Kanguru flash drives offer ultra-fast data transfer speeds for quick copying and access to files with USB 3 (USB 3.2 Gen 1×1).

If you have any questions about these or any other Kanguru products, please contact Kanguru at 1-(508)-376-4245 or email the sales team at

Kanguru is a global leader providing best-in-class, secure portable storage solutions, for enterprise, businesses, organizations and consumers with easy-to-use, secure IT products, duplication products and data storage for over 30 years.  For more information on Kanguru, please visit www.kanguru.com.

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Kanguru Solutions


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