InfinX Announces Chlorine-Compatible Specialty Fluids and Lubricants in Accordance with the Updated Chlorine Institute Pamphlet #164

PEACHTREE CORNERS, Ga., Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — InfinX by Halocarbon, a leading innovator for over 70 years in the design and manufacture of specialty fluids and lubricants for industrial applications, is pleased to announce a range of products that have been meticulously designed for compatibility in chlorine-based environments, acknowledged by recent updates to the Chlorine Institute’s Pamphlet 164. This pamphlet serves as a consensus document for reactivity and compatibility safety guidance for the chlor-alkali industry.

Recognized for Dependable Chlorine Compatibility 
The Chlorine Institute, established in 1924, recently updated their renowned Pamphlet #164 titled “Reactivity and Compatibility of Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide with Various Materials.” The updated pamphlet acknowledges the portfolio of InfinX and Halocarbon lubricants, oils, greases, and thread sealants demonstrated to be compatible for use in chlorine-related applications.

Specifically in line with the safety guidance and recognized in Pamphlet #164, our InfinX MRO 2505 grease is a high-performing, chemically inert, and chlorine-safe product. InfinX MRO 2505 joins our flagship portfolio of chlorine-compatible oils, lubricants and greases, which is comprised of both PCTFE- and PFPE-based products designed to deliver superior safety and performance in demanding chlor-alkali environments across a wide temperature range. This range of chlorine-safe solutions also includes our new InfinX MRO KF205, which serves as an optimal direct equivalent to other leading PFPE technologies included in the Chlorine Institute’s Pamphlet #164.

Safety and Reliability: A Core Focus
Understanding the critical need for safety and reliability in potentially hazardous chlorine applications, InfinX is committed to ensuring our products meet or exceed industry standards. Our chemical formulations are engineered to possess physical and chemical properties that offer robust safety profiles, catering to the unique requirements of the chlorine industry.

Streamlining the Purchasing Experience
Our dedication to innovation extends beyond our product offerings. InfinX is revolutionizing the way specialty fluids and lubricants are purchased, particularly in bulk quantities. Unlike competitors with lengthy and cumbersome purchasing procedures, InfinX prioritizes a seamless and efficient buying experience through our easy-to-navigate eCommerce platform.  The InfinX line also offers and delivers more applicable packaging options for MRO professionals. 

Whether you are a key operator, purchasing manager or maintenance specialist within the chlorine or chlor-alkali industry, InfinX invites you to explore our full line of chlorine-compatible lubricants and specialty fluids. With an enduring commitment to safety, performance, and ease of purchase, InfinX aims to be your go-to partner for all your industrial lubrication needs.

About InfinX
InfinX, a Halocarbon brand, is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of specialty fluids and lubricants for a broad range of industrial applications. Established with a vision to set new benchmarks in performance, safety, and purchase ease, InfinX continues to deliver on its promise of innovation and value.

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