Heartland Acquires Cogent Energy Systems and Forms the Heartland Gasification Solutions Division Focused on Wastewater Residuals Management with Assured PFAS Destruction™

BOSTON, Oct. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Heartland Water Technology, Inc., a leader in industrial wastewater solutions that sits at the intersection of wastewater, renewable energy and resource recovery, acquires Cogent Energy Systems and forms the Heartland Gasification Solutions Division.  

Cogent Energy Systems, founded by renowned plasma scientist Dr. Peter Kong, and former DOE Senior Executive Abraham Haspel, developed the HelioStorm™ gasifier, a culmination of nearly two decades of research at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). HelioStorm™ is a proprietary ultra-high temperature, ionic gasifier capable of processing solid, liquid or gaseous feedstocks. Electrically powered and combustion-free, HelioStorm™ converts organic material into a clean, hydrogen-rich syngas that can be used directly for power generation, reformed into liquid fuels, or processed for hydrogen recovery. Inorganic material is recovered for reuse or sale, including the production of high value specialty nanomaterials. The ultra-high temperature (10.000°C+) ionic gasifier destroys chemical contaminants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and heavy hydrocarbons including assured destruction of perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS).

“HelioStorm™ is a new class of ionic gasifier developed through years of dedicated research in plasma technology at INL,” said Dr. Peter Kong, Heartland’s Chief Gasification Scientist. “Our goals were ambitious. We wanted a modular gasifier powered by renewable energy, capable of processing a wide range of waste materials and delivering a rich syngas that requires little to no clean up. This is what we delivered.”

Heartland’s Gasification Solutions Division is focused on solutions for residuals management and recovering value from waste streams. “With the EPA’s stated intention to name some PFAS compounds hazardous, the industry needs solutions for residuals management with PFAS destruction,” said Jeff Snyder, HelioStorm™ Product Manager. “HelioStorm™ enables Heartland to provide a unique and value-added onsite service for sewage treatment plants, landfills and manufacturing.”

About Heartland Water Technology

Heartland Water Technology, Inc. (www.heartlandtech.com) develops innovative solutions for treating the world’s most challenging waste and wastewaters. Focused at the intersection of water, renewable energy and resource recovery, Heartland’s team offers complete turnkey waste and wastewater management solutions and services. 

About Cogent Energy Systems

Cogent Energy Systems, Inc. develops proprietary modular technologies that efficiently turn waste materials and gases into sustainable clean energy and other valuable products. HelioStorm™, Cogent’s ionic gasification system, uses ultra-high temperatures to gasify organic materials and generate clean syngas which can be used to generate power, hydrogen and other valuable renewable products.

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Casey Cammann
Chief Marketing Officer 

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