Groundbreaking New Feature from RUNHOOD Makes Using Portable Solar Power Easier Than Ever Before

The innovative RUNHOOD line of modular power stations, banks, and generators introduces another industry-exclusive feature

WALNUT, Calif., June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As millions of Americans look to solar power to meet their energy needs, RUNHOOD is adding another exclusive feature to their award-winning lineup that conveniently allows anyone to easily use green energy.

The award-winning design of RUNHOOD’s modular solar power generators, banks, and stations has already made solar power surprisingly simple to use. Now, for the first time, RUNHOOD has made it possible to charge power station batteries directly with a portable solar panel.

This design difference makes RUNHOOD the easiest-to-use solar power generator available on the market today.

Solar power has become the fastest-growing energy source in the United States.

  • 39% of Americans are considering using more solar power, according to Pew Research
  • MaketWatch expects solar power usage to exceed natural gas and coal by 2027
  • The Solar Energy Industries Association expects 2023 to set records for solar use as panels become more affordable

RUNHOOD sets itself apart in a suddenly crowded marketplace of solar generators with its unique, industry-exclusive modular design. Everything is built around external swappable batteries.

These exclusive swappable batteries can be used inside a Rallye power station or separately with a USB or AC adapter, giving consumers the unique ability to build their own power bank specific to their power needs.

The flexibility of swappable batteries allows RUNHOOD to offer several industry-exclusive features, including the ability to directly charge a swappable battery by connecting it to a RUNHOOD solar panel.

This gives customers more convenience, more options, and more power.

Solar-powered stations with internal batteries need to be placed outside right by the solar panel.

With RUNHOOD, only the batteries must be connected to the solar panel to charge back to full strength.

Customers can continue to use their power station wherever they want it. When the batteries are fully charged, they can be swapped into the station, so the adventure keeps running.

Every RUNHOOD Rallye Pro kit comes with solar generator modification

When customers upgrade to the “Pro” version when purchasing a Rallye, RUNHOOD’s Seri 100 Solar Panel is included in the kit.

The extraordinarily portable Rallye 600 hit the market last year and is available online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store. The more powerful Rallye 1200 is in the final stage of its Kickstarter campaign and will start shipping to customers in August. 


RUNHOOD brings to market an industry exclusive line of portable power products built around swappable battery technology. This innovative difference offers customers virtually unlimited extended battery capacity and endless power.

Founded in 2021, RUNHOOD is the winner of a Golden Pin Design Award, a Red Dot Design Award, and the iF Design Award.

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