Green Science Alliance Established Mass Production Process of MOF (Metal Organic Framework), PCP (Porous Coordination Polymer)

KAWANISHI-CITY, Japan, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Metal organic framework (MOF), also known as porous coordination polymer (PCP), are materials composed of metal cations and organic ligands that bridge component metals. MOFs are synthesized as super-porous materials by modifying their metal and organic ligand, as well as the shape and size of pores. Pore size can be controlled in less than nm order and MOF possess extremely large specific surface area (1000 – 9000 m2/g) and their chemical group can be tailored at the molecular level. With conventional porous materials such as activated carbon and mesoporous silica, it was difficult to create such exact porous structure with desired shape, pore size.  Although with MOF, one can artificially design the structure, surface area, shape and size of the pores at the molecular level.  Because MOFs are completely new ultimate inorganic–organic hybrid porous materials, chemical industry and academic researchers have recently been highly focused on them.  

Various types of applications are under development with MOF researchers in the world including gas adsorption, gas storage, gas separation, metal adsorption, water treatment, sensors and bio-medical use.  In this regard, Green Science Alliance also has been synthesizing various type of MOF and has been applying MOF to rechargeable battery, fuel cell, water collection, gas adsorption, metal adsorption, deodorizing, photo-catalysis, solid acid catalysis and artificial photosynthesis, etc.     

However, tedious and low efficiency of MOF synthesis procedure always have been a problematic issue and preventing from real application of MOF based device. 

This time, Mr. Tetsuro Kajino and Dr. Ryohei Mori have developed new synthesis procedure which can be apply to MOF mass production, so that price of MOF can be expected to be cheaper than current price.  Green Science Alliance will use this cheaper version of MOF to be apply to their battery, fuel cell, solid catalyst, water harvesting, artificial photosynthesis, etc. for their internal business and also, looking for the opportunity to supply to MOF customers in the world for real industrial application.   

Media contact:
Ryohei Mori


SOURCE Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.