Global Food Manufacturer Increases Asset Efficiency by More Than 5% With Canvass AI

TORONTO, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Canvass AI, a global leader in industrial AI software built for industrial engineers, today announced its platform has been deployed by a global food manufacturer to increase the utilization of its complex assets. To manage the complexity and variability in the chemical processes, process engineers used the Canvass Platform to reduce batch to batch variability resulting in reduced waste and increase asset efficiency. By deploying Canvass’s insights-based AI platform, the customer has estimated a 5% increase in asset utilization, leading to increasing profitability in a process that was operating on razor thin margins.

The customer is one of several industrial manufacturing enterprises with complex and dynamic processes, who are leveraging AI to augment the workforce to create efficiencies. Studies show, when deployed correctly, AI solutions can enable the chemicals industry to generate gains of at least 15% in efficiency, throughput, and reduced waste1. With Canvass’s Platform, industrial companies successfully harness the power of AI to make data-driven decisions in their day-to-day operations 4x faster than other platforms, achieving significant resource and cost efficiency.

"Our growing customer roster and expanding global footprint is a testament to the success of our industrial AI platform that successfully empowers industrials to maximize value from their digital investments," said Humera Malik, CEO, Canvass AI. "Canvass’s AI Platform is built for process and reliability engineers to be self-sufficient as they work with complex data to drive value and impact in everyday operations. This level of proactive control with operational and predictive insights, eliminates the fire fighting mode and enables the operators to run highly efficient operations."

To learn more about how this global food manufacturer is using Canvass AI to optimize production and increased profit margins, book a meeting with us at the AIChE Spring Meeting & 18th GCPS from April 10-14 at San Antonio, Texas. Register here.

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Canvass AI is a leading AI software provider of AI built for industrial engineers. Canvass AI simplifies the process for industrial engineers to deploy and scale AI across their operations without the need for coding skills. Leading industrial companies are using Canvass AI to improve resiliency, empower their workforce, and drive their net-zero ambitions. Canvass’s customers span across Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Metals and Mining, & Food & Ag sectors. Its investors include Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory, and Alphabet’s Gradient Ventures. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn


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