Global Energy & Infrastructure Leader K.W. Miller Slams Biden Agenda to Destroy the U.S. Energy and Industrial Output

HOUSTON, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global Energy Leader K.W. Miller ripped into the Biden Administration Agenda to destroy the U.S. Energy Industry today. “Biden and his handlers are willfully and purposefully enabling Chinese State-Owned Companies to continue destroying the critical U.S. Energy and Industrial Complex,” said Miller.

  • Biden and his handlers are essentially willfully and purposely attempting to bankrupt the U.S. Energy and Industrial Complex and destroy hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs, all critical to the very fabric of our National Security.

  • Biden and his handlers are purposely re-capitalizing, and thus re-arming Iran, which will lead to severe instability in the Middle East and endangering the State of Israel. This will also lead to the death of more U.S. Military personnel in the region, as hostilities escalate.
  • Biden and his handlers willfully cancelled the XL Pipeline, which is critical to the long-term stability of supply for U.S. Industrial output, thus putting the American people further under the thumb of Chinese imports.
  • Biden and his handlers are willfully moving to Regulate natural gas and oil fracking out of business, forcing the U.S. to become dependent once again on hostile nations for security of supply.
  • Biden and his handlers are willfully planning to indebt the U.S. Citizens with hundreds of billions of dollars in wasteful subsidies for Chinese manufactured solar equipment, which is substantially more expensive to produce than clean burning U.S. Natural Gas.

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