Fulcrum Air’s LineFlyTM Robot and Power Line Sentry’s Hawk EyeTM Bird Flight Diverter Showcased for the First Time in Europe at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), Demonstrating the Industry’s Premium Solution for Avian Protection

WELLINGTON, Colo., June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FulcrumAir and Power Line Sentry are excited to announce the successful showcase of the LineFly™ Robot and Hawk Eye™ Bird Flight Diverter at Scottish and Southern Electricity Network Networks (SSEN). With the shared goal of reducing risk, eliminating avian power line collisions, and bringing awareness to the connection between wildlife and the grid, this demonstration underscored the industry’s premium solution for avian protection – highlighting the unparalleled speed, precision, and safety of this innovative technology.

Enhancing Network Resiliency and Environmental Responsibility
The showcase of FulcrumAir’s LineFly™ robot and Power Line Sentry’s Hawk Eye™ Bird Flight Diverter at SSEN Transmission marks a significant advancement in avian protection and power line maintenance. With their unmatched speed, precision, and safety, these technologies set a new industry standard, ensuring both wildlife protection and network resiliency.

Stuart Flint, Senior Overhead Line Engineer at SSEN Transmission, summarizes it best: “What we’re seeing here with this Power Line Sentry Hawk Eye™ product is that it ticks a lot more of our boxes, and also [thanks to the FulcrumAir LineFly™] we can properly install a higher number in the span. Compared to the traditional way of installing bird flight diverters, this is way beyond anything we’ve done previously in terms of time and safety.”

Revolutionizing Safety with Innovative Technology
The LineFly™ is not just a robot; it’s a game-changer. The LineFly™ is celebrated as the quickest, most accurate, and safest installation method available. With an impressive install time of a full span in just 60-90 seconds once on the line, the LineFly™, controlled robotically from the ground, and ensures each Hawk Eye™ diverter is positioned exactly, precisely [within 2 cm], every single time,” said Tim Page, General Manager of FulcrumAir Australia.

This method eliminates the need for helicopters, conductor carts, or bucket trucks, significantly reducing risks associated with traditional installation methods. It operates with pinpoint precision on or above energized lines without requiring system downtime.  

“The fact that we can bring in drones to do this while the line is live, without impacting the safety of individuals is a big benefit,” praised Alister Radbourne, Technical Manager – Project Engineering at SSEN Transmission. Its versatility is unmatched. It can navigate challenging terrain like urban areas, waterways, wetlands, canyons, and mountainous regions, removing barriers and making effective bird protection more accessible.

Effective Avian Protection
Hawk Eye™ Bird Flight Diverters are recognized for their effectiveness in preventing avian collisions with power lines across North America and are now available in Europe.

Engineered to be lightweight with low wind and ice loads and designed with distinct reflective prismatic yellow bands and a 24-hour glow-in-the-dark band, Hawk Eye™ diverters offer the highest surface area of contrasting colours in the industry. As most avian power line collisions take place in low-light conditions (e.g., dawn, dusk, and fog), visibility in all climates and from all angles is vital.

“These diverters are really attractive to us,” remarked Lewis Bates, Assistant Overhead Line Project Engineer at SSEN Transmission. From the shape and design to the attachment method, “There are no mechanical components that will fail – things like sand and salt and seawater will not corrode it, it will not have a mechanical breakdown,” Jason Jones, Sales Director at Power Line Sentry included.

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