Fuel Company Delivers Emergency Fuel After Power Outages in Texas

BROOKNEAL, Va., Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Foster Fuels has been delivering fuel to critical infrastructure and crews working to restore power in the aftermath of the 2021 Texas ice storms that left more than four million people without power.  Initially dispatching around two dozen trucks, the count has grown to more than 110, delivering diesel fuel and gasoline after an emergency fuel activation from FEMA.

Since the storm devastated access to local fuel reserves within Texas, Foster has been sourcing fuel from 12 states, as far away as Utah and Ohio.  So far, Foster has dispensed around 500,000 gallons of fuel.  Providing support to crews from American Electric Power, 15 data centers, four hospitals, and four locations storing doses of the COVID vaccine has been no easy task, especially with hazardous conditions.  

Senior Vice President, Will Rohrig, had this to say, “Road travel has been challenging as our trucks move further south, but we have been able to use information from DOT and highway webcams to direct our team in the safest route.  Not only do we have our eyes on the road, but also on keeping our drivers and the public safe from COVID.  The vast majority of our drivers are vaccinated, and all are following appropriate protocols.”

This marks the end of one full week of relief efforts in Texas. Foster expects their mission will continue for at least one to two more weeks. Rohrig said, “We are proud of the men and women working hard to help those affected and we look forward to all of them returning home safely to their families.”

Established in 1921, Foster Fuels, Inc. is a privately held corporation, providing downstream distribution of diesel, gasoline, Jet A, and propane to residential, commercial, and government customers. Foster Fuels operates an award-winning emergency fuel division specializing in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. More information about Foster Fuels can be found at https://www.fosterfuelsmissioncritical.com/.

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SOURCE Foster Fuels, Inc.