Force Balance Accelerometers from Columbia Research Labs Provide Critical Directional Information in Demanding Measurement While Drilling Applications

WOODLYN, Pa., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Columbia Research Lab’s line of robust force balance accelerometers are ideal for demanding Measure While Drilling (MWD) applications. These sensors provide critical information such as the angle of the drill head which is used to calculate directional data. The operator then uses the measurement information to steer the drill; therefore, resulting in underground mapping.

Designed specifically for use on drilling tools, these accelerometers utilize proven servo technology to provide the best performance possible with high reliability in harsh environments that include intense vibration and high temperatures.

The Model SA-120RHT operates from +/-15 volts supply and is capable of operating at temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Model SA-125RHT requires +/-5VDC and operates to 190 degrees Celsius. Both sensors are completely self-contained and provide a high level, low impedance output eliminating the need for high temperature signal conditioning. In addition to time proven, exceptional high temperature performance, there small size, rugged construction, and low power consumption has made these accelerometers the accepted standard for use in downhole high temperature mapping.

The SA-120R/SA120RNP series accelerometers are designed for high shock and vibration survival while operating up to 125°C. The SA-120R/SA120RNP models are available with acceleration input ranges from ±1g to ±10g and are compact single axis accelerometers. Columbia also offers the SA-220RHT/SA225RHT series accelerometers for applications requiring a dual axis solution that operates up to 200°C.

MWD sensors are compact and available with a square mount or a round flange. Columbia also offers drop-in replacements for competitive accelerometers and provide the best performance to cost ratio available making it ideal for today’s oil market.


Victor Savona
Operations Manager
Columbia Research Laboratories
(610) 872-3900

SOURCE Columbia Research Laboratories