Flex-Core is Excited to Introduce the New Model FCM Revenue Grade Split-Core Current Transformer

HILLIARD, Ohio, April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FLEX-CORE® introduces the FCM Revenue Grade Split-Core Current Transformer featuring a 300A – 5,000A Input and a 5A secondary.

The FCM, the newest Revenue Grade Split-Core Current Transformer from FLEX-CORE®, is equipped with the industry standard 5Aac secondary, allowing use with most service entrance Power & Energy Meters. The FCM current transformer is a lightweight and economical alternative to our FCR Revenue Grade Split-Core Current Transformer and offers ratios from 300:5A up to 5000:5A. Flex-Core offers two standard sizes, a 3″ X 7.75″ and a 4.75″ X 12″ inside diameter as well as custom sizes and ratios. Dual and multi ratios units are available by request and upon approval.

The FCM and FCR models revolutionize Relay/Metering Class revenue grade current transformers with a new, exciting split-core option.

Founded in 1977, FLEX-CORE® developed the first flexible split-core current transformer making it the “easiest-to-install” split-core current transformer on the market.

FLEX-CORE® is a leading provider of transformers, transducers, switches, relays, signal conditioners/converters, meters, and accessories. We offer the largest in-stock inventory of products, same-day shipping on in-stock items and the shortest lead time available on build-to-order products.

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