First Pay as You Go Management Platform Designed Specifically for Utility Field Projects Entered the Market

SAWYER, Mich., May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fieldman Management Systems today announced the official launch of the Fieldman management platform, which is designed to improve the efficiency of all kinds of utility field projects. In the utility business, maintenance and replacement projects require complex planning, appointment scheduling, asset data collection, and employee time and location tracking. These tasks can now be done easily with Fieldman. It’s the first cloud-based platform in this industry and has proved to be more capable than outdated software. Fieldman reduces average project costs by 10-40% and improves team productivity by up to 30%.

“Average electric, water, and gas projects involve around 100,000 transactions, installations, and visits that can take anywhere from one to three years to complete. Such projects are impossible to plan and execute without dedicated software. Many nuances and details are involved, such as unplanned work stoppages, appointment reminders, and asset tracking. Any delays or repeat visits can easily decrease productivity and profitability,” explains Vlad Kravсhenko, founder and CEO of Fieldman. “We have created a platform that allows utility vendors to automate field management and accurately forecast how long it will take to complete the project based on actual performance.”

Fieldman is the first platform to bring serverless computer technology to this niche market. It doesn’t require any investment in data center equipment or the purchase of special devices for each worker. The Fieldman app can operate on any smartphone. Everything is configurable and can be modified at any stage of the project. 

“Based on our experience, these types of utility projects always need some customization. A client may want to change reports or workflow to meet newly discovered business requirements. Fieldman’s standard, preconfigured systems take care of 80 – 90% of requirements, and the remaining 10 – 20% is finetuned to meet specifications,” adds Mr. Kravchenko. New features and platform flexibility allow vendors to focus on their core business and reduce in-house IT in ways that were unthinkable in the past.

Cloud technology allows Fieldman to offer a new pricing model. Unlike outdated software, which requires purchasing monthly licenses for each worker and paying for it even when a project is delayed, Fieldman charges per installation or transaction. Without Fieldman, clients lose net profitability when projects experience unplanned work stoppages (extreme weather, labor shortages, or equipment delays), but still charge for software licenses. Fieldman aims to provide vendors with fixed prices before any project starts. “It is a very competitive industry for utility vendors. Contracts won by vendors with the best price per installation or transaction and system cost calculations can be easily done with our pricing model,” explains Mr. Kravchenko.

Fieldman has successfully been used on the Advance Meter Infrastructure project in North Carolina and GAS maintenance work in Pennsylvania. These deployments have proven that fieldwork in the electric, water, and gas industries can be managed differently. 

Media Contact:
Anna Lyudkovskaya

SOURCE Fieldman

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