Fieldman Launches Work and Asset Management System for Local Governments to Address Demand for Public Infrastructure Improvements

SAWYER, Mich., Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fieldman Management Systems, provider of modern cloud software for mass meter deployment, is expanding its offering by launching a new GIS-based Work and Asset Management system. The software has been created specifically for utilities and municipal and local governments to help them reduce the lifecycle costs of their assets and modernize infrastructure operations.

“Our nation’s infrastructure is undergoing significant transformation, and I am thrilled that Fieldman is able to contribute to this change,” says Fieldman co-founder Vlad Kravchenko. “As new EV chargers and solar panels are being installed all over the country, water and sewer systems are undergoing upgrades, and streetlights are being replaced with LED versions, their regular inspection and maintenance can be easily tracked with Fieldman software.” The Fieldman system manages new assets with advanced capabilities in addition to systems already owned by municipalities.

The Fieldman Work and Asset Management platform combines GIS data with proven asset management principles and practices, enabling Fieldman to help local governments and utility vendors with more efficient infrastructure condition assessment, regular maintenance planning and scheduling, real-time emergency response, and budget forecasting.

Designed to be configurable and scalable, Fieldman SaaS cloud meets the needs of small towns as well as large cities, allowing local governments to start with the digitalization of a few departments and then expand the IT solution to the entire municipality.

Recently, The American Public Works Association (APWA), which serves professionals in all aspects of public works, named five trending technologies in Public Works for 2023. One key trend: asset management technologies. Association members agreed that municipalities “can optimize their activities and make improvements in how they sustainably operate, maintain, and rehabilitate or replace assets to deliver the greatest value from the public infrastructure. The voted technologies will influence and potentially change how public works professionals deliver excellent services to their communities,” the APWA points out in its statement. “This is exactly what Fieldman has been focusing on for the past couple of years. We are pleased that we were able to launch our new software just as the need is increasing,” Kravchenko adds. “Our company is especially proud to offer real value to the American public sector.”

The rising demand for Work and Asset management software is partially due to the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Fieldman software can assure that local governments effectively and efficiently allocate these funds.

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Fieldman is an American software company that helps local governments and utility vendors to manage all types of assets, jobs, and field projects. It offers efficient, customizable, and intuitive SaaS solutions that allow organizations to be more collaborative and provide the best service for American citizens.

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