Faster and Cleaner Crude Oil Production Using VALYNT Technology – Saudi Aramco Approved Supplier, VALYNT, Overhauls South Texas Oilfield; Used as Proving Grounds for Proprietary Chemicals and Strategies to Significantly Reduce Operating Costs

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VALYNT announced it had recently purchased and retrofitted an oilfield near Austin, Texas, as a working prototype for faster and cleaner crude oil production using VALYNT’s proprietary chemistries and processes – including an entire line of patent-pending agents that reduce friction, control viscosity, and improve pipeline material logistics while enhancing production and refinement.

The new oilfield allows VALYNT to test production technologies and theories using products like PSI, an oil and sand separator, along with others like VX-WSD, a water soluble demulsifier. A supply chain innovator, iron and steel supplier, and high-efficiency oil chemistry manufacturer, VALYNT has already secured its reputation as a multi-industry leader, earning the trust of American clients and petroleum giant, Saudi Aramco.

The last couple of years have been a wild ride for us, resulting in multiple exciting projects,” said Charles Smith, President and CEO of VALYNT. “The Austin oilfield is a perfect example. In six months, we’ve basically taken an outdated oil production facility and made it FIERCE – like stripping out and retrofitting an old car. Imagine taking a 1957 Bel Air and giving it a high-powered 21st century upgrade: fully loaded with automated tech, engineering, and state-of-the-art computerized control. That is our new Austin field.”

This is a fantastic way for us to showcase the power of our new fleet of oilfield chemicals; the same chemical tech which has earned us every major client. But the field also lets us test new theories and develop new technologies. We have already been able to significantly increase oil production by ten times more than what this field previously produced, and we’ve reduced operating costs significantly. That’s a rare, bold claim – but we did it.”

Cost reduction happens in a variety of ways to achieve a net result. We have automated processes that were usually managed by on-ground personnel and we’ve upgraded security and surveillance. All monitored from the cloud, further reducing manpower and operating costs while eliminating human errors. The field is now pumping beautifully and we have multiple options for the future, including monetizing the oil of course, and perhaps even selling the field later at a profit. But right now, the facility is a great hosting ground to display what VALYNT can offer its clients.”

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