Exhale Fans Leads the Charge in Sustainability with the World’s First and Only Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Purdue study explores groundbreaking technology and the potential for energy savings for offices, hotels, schools and homes

CLARKSVILLE, Ind., June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Exhale Fans, the creator of the most efficient and the world’s only bladeless ceiling fan, today officially announced its robust flagship product that delivers truly balanced room temperature from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, ideal for usage in offices, hotels, schools and homes, and for all seasons and spaces. In addition to its robust capabilities, the fan was created with an eye for design to complement the layout and style of any room, deeming it an easy addition to established décor while still nodding to its focus on sustainability.

This announcement follows a Purdue University study conducted in October 2023 that analyzed Exhale Fans’ bladeless technology, specifically to determine potential energy savings from increasing the thermostat setpoint over a typical cooling season. A Purdue professor was interested in the analysis due to Exhale Fans’ unique ability to enable the possibility of saving energy by increasing the average air velocity within a space, which enhances heat transfer from the human body while maintaining occupant comfort at a higher space temperature. An additional benefit of the Exhale Fans technology is its ability to de-stratify the air within a space, which is anticipated to further enhance comfort by providing more uniform surface temperatures throughout the space, yielding a more uniform radiant heat transfer environment for building occupants.

“The strategic marriage between energy efficiency and flexible design – both in ease of use and aesthetics – was the driving force in the development of the fan,” said Richard Halsall, CEO of Exhale Fans. “With what we’ve been able to accomplish so far through our efforts, we anticipate more breakthroughs on the horizon that will continue to provide a level of impact across many structures that is second to none.”

In addition to being fully bladeless, this groundbreaking fan has features that offer the best of the best in temperature control including:

  • Fully brushless DC motor built for quiet and superior operation with a 5-year warranty
  • Built-in LED light in two variations: cool white (6000k) or warm white (3000k). Light is dimmable to 20% of full brightness or can be turned off
  • Typhoon wind vanes that increase air production at high speeds, fully installed
  • Airflow that exceeds 4,000 CFM
  • New pre-programmed remote interface design that includes a supporting wall mount bracket
  • Fully dimmable LED light with remote control
  • Enhanced engineering with additional features, designed to run cost effectively 24/7/365

“The exploration of potential cooling energy savings that may be achieved by increasing the set point temperature of a thermostat, enabled by enhancing air velocity in a space, was an endeavor we were excited to embark on,” said Travis Horton, Professor of Civil Engineering with Courtesy Appointment in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University. “Achieving a better understanding of Exhale Fans’ capabilities is extremely valuable in that it very clearly addresses societal needs and the potential move towards sustainability.”

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Founded in 2011, Exhale Fans LLC is the creator of the most efficient and the world’s only bladeless ceiling fan. Designed to provide a unique distribution of air movement that improves the quality of comfort in every room or indoor space. The patented Laminar air flow is accomplished by spinning discs providing the highest level of comfort and temperature balance floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The resulting air flow pattern is also key to energy reduction that no other ceiling fan can deliver. The fact that the entire area that uses the Exhale Fan is rapidly stabilized to a single temperature means that Heating or Air-Conditioning systems reach that desired temperature easily. Thermal de-stratification and enhanced convective heat transfer within the room or area are the reasons for the remarkable energy savings and increased comfort. To learn more about the next generation of energy saving quiet comfort Exhale Fans, please visit our website and blog, and on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and X.

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