Enteligent Enters Rooftop Solar Market with the Industry’s Most Advanced Rapid Shutdown with Optimization

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enteligent, a solar products start-up focused on harnessing more solar electricity through higher efficiency design and innovation, announced today the launch of the SolarUp Rapid Shutdown Module with power optimization, the industry’s highest efficiency rapid shutdown device available on the market.

Enteligent’s flagship module-level power electronics (MLPE) product, the SolarUp Rapid Shutdown Module delivers higher efficiency and greater output than any Rapid Shutdown or Optimizer on the market. The SolarUp is competitively priced with other rapid shutdown (RSD) products but includes optimization as a standard feature. Ease of installation of the SolarUp is facilitated by plug’n play Sunspec™ Certified RSD compatibility.  

“The MLPE market is in desperate need of innovation, and Enteligent is positioned to set a new standard for efficiency and performance in the industry,” said Sean Burke, CEO of Enteligent. “In addition to being the industry’s most efficient, our MLPE solutions improve the lives of installers by providing system level interoperability and simplifying solar rooftop placement while maximizing generation.  Because every panel is optimized at the cost of rapid shutdown alone, more panels can be installed on previously marginal roof space – a win-win which increases the sales opportunity for installers and provides more electricity for homeowners.”

Burke, a long-time innovator who previously sold his advanced AI automation and security product company, Paladin Armor, to Katerra. Burke co-founded Enteligent in 2020 with product innovator Bahman Sharifipour, who holds numerous patents ranging from power conversion systems to LED lighting. The team – based in the USA, Canada and Hong Kong – is building upon learnings and disciplines from the power and computing industries and is comprised of product innovators who have created many products that are in widespread use today, including the power adapters for computing devices, the ubiquitous power plug charger, LED bulb components, and more. 

The company has secured an early round of financing from Small World Group, a Bay Area based venture capital firm that aims to fund and support sustainable companies that correct the destructive impact humans have on the planet. “Small World invests in game changing ideas and innovations, but in Enteligent we are also investing in a team,” said Frank Levinson, Chairman of Small World Group. “Sean, Bahman, and the rest of the team have been working together for almost two decades and have an unprecedented track record of execution, patents, and valuable IP. It’s a great opportunity to partner with them to make a real difference in clean energy adoption.”

The Enteligent team will be in attendance at the SolarPower Solar and Energy Storage Northeast Expo in Boston on June 9-10th at the Westin Waterfront Hotel. The SolarUp is available for preorders now and will be delivered in early September. Other product innovations – including the SolarFirst EV Quick Charger – will ship in 2022.

Dedicated to maximizing the output of solar rooftop systems, Enteligent’s products minimize the conversion losses and other inefficiencies that lead to loss of up to 25 percent of solar rooftop electrical generation. Our innovative SolarUp RSD modules are the highest performing, most reliable and safest Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) solution available in the market, while providing additional PV panel power optimization at a cost comparable to RSD-only solutions currently available.  By harnessing more solar electricity for homeowners, we lower its effective cost, shorten its payback period and accelerate its adaptation for those still on the fence.  Learn more at www.enteligent.com

April Roberts


SOURCE Enteligent