Crowds at Intersolar Europe Get a Preview of RUNHOOD’s New Industry-Changing Home Energy Storage Solution

The F3600 is another first-of-its-kind product from RUNHOOD, combining mobile power and home energy storage

WALNUT, Calif., July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RUNHOOD, the leading manufacturer of portable power products built around swappable battery technology, is taking home energy storage to the next level with a groundbreaking new way to bank power. The company’s new F3600 power bank is the latest product to be developed by the challenger brand. Not only does the new F3600 store energy for emergencies at home, it’s the only home storage system that can also be taken on the road.

The defining feature of this innovative product allows consumers to stack multiple units on top of each other to stockpile power at home. Each battery banks up to 3,600 watt hours of portable power. Users can stack the F3600 with up to six more batteries for home use, allowing storage of more than 25 KWh of power.

The exclusive, dual mobile function allows users to take the F3600 anywhere with up to two more linkable batteries giving you more than 10 KWh of portable power.

When combined with solar panels, RUNHOOD’s F3600 easily allows customers to generate and store their own power. Not only can they save hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills, it makes off-grid living a convenient reality.

Enough power to keep you running through the storm

With the potential to bank more than 25 KWh of power, the F3600 can run major appliances for days during a severe power outage.

If the grid goes down in an emergency, seven fully charged and stacked F3600s can power a full size refrigerator/freezer combo, provide a reliable internet connection, run a computer and television, and light several rooms in a home for nearly an entire week, all while keeping every phone and tablet in the home fully charged.

Two new Rallye power stations join the RUNHOOD line up

Attendees at Intersolar were also given a peak at the new Rallye 1200 and the new Rallye Mini 600 before they ship to customers later this year.

Both Rallyes feature RUNHOOD’s award-winning design with external batteries that can be hot-swapped on-the-go, giving the power stations virtually unlimited extended battery capacity.

Like all Rallye models, the new products are designed around the same swappable batteries, which can be used separately with a small, snap-on adapter to create an extra USB or AC power bank.

The swappable batteries give customers convenient charging options no one else offers — including the ability to charge the batteries by directly connecting them to a RUNHOOD solar panel.


RUNHOOD brings to market an industry exclusive line of portable power products built around swappable battery technology. This innovative difference offers customers virtually unlimited extended battery capacity and endless power.

Founded in 2021, RUNHOOD is the winner of a Golden Pin Design Award, a Red Dot Design Award, and the iF Design Award.

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