Corporate College Services is Focused on the Future of Work

With an updated brand, new higher education partners and forward-looking course content, CCS helps strengthen organizations by putting humans first.

FAIRFIELD, N.J., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Corporate College Services (CCS), a higher education partner that helps organizations foster employee growth through customized training and degree programs, is helping companies evolve with the ever-changing workplace landscape by expanding their offerings and incorporating forward-looking content into their course curricula. Now in their 26th year, the company has refreshed its brand messaging to better reflect the innovative and human-centric approach to learning that is the foundation of all they do. Additionally, they have brought on new higher education partners and updated their real-world curricula to incorporate knowledge and skills that will help future proof the careers of participating adult learners.

“Companies today are more focused than ever on talent acquisition, development and retention,” said Lisa DeVirgilio, CCS Vice President, Operations. “It is truly our pleasure to support them in offering customized educational experiences for their employees that help attract new talent, facilitate use of existing tuition reimbursement programs and build stronger organizations.”

Turn-key talent development solutions
Whether organizations are seeking to develop a certain skill set amongst team members via custom training based on specific objectives, or support their tuition reimbursement program with quality, flexible degree completion options, CCS creates custom solutions that require minimal investment. For degree programs, CCS partners with non-traditional higher education institutions to build programs that fulfill degree requirements while also delivering real-world education from industry professionals. For trainings and workshops, they work closely with corporate clients to determine content, attendees, individual session length and overall program duration.

A human-centric approach
Adults who complete a bachelor’s or master’s program through CCS receive much more than a degree. CCS helps students maximize their individuality, creativity and critical thinking and understand how to activate these attributes to foster opportunities and longevity in their careers. They are provided real-world, relevant knowledge that can be used immediately in their work. A cohort learning model allows for networking opportunities. Logistical realities regarding work-life-school balance are considered. Finally, end-to-end support is provided for every adult participant.

“We are acutely aware of the challenges working adults face when it comes to obtaining a higher education degree while earning a living and raising a family, and we are more focused than anyone else on student support,” said DeVirgilio. “Our programs are designed to provide maximum convenience (often on-site at participants’ place of work), efficiency and affordability. Additionally, we are extremely hands-on when it comes to student guidance. Accessible support is the critical component that can often determine a student’s outcome. We call our dedication to our students the CCS Advisory Advantage.”

To learn more, visit the new CCS website at or call CCS at (908) 233-3399.

About Corporate College Services, Inc. (CCS)
CCS partners with accredited, innovative colleges that provide non-traditional education opportunities for adult learners, to offer degree completion programs that include real-world learning from industry professionals. Our mission is to help companies and individuals realize their limitless potential via a human-centric, personalized and forward-looking approach to continued professional development through higher education and corporate training. With deep empathy for the challenges businesses and adult students face, we craft our programs for maximum convenience, efficiency and affordability, and closely guide participants through all aspects of their program to ensure their best path to success – that’s the CCS Advisory Advantage.

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