Cloud VMS: Finally, Visualization of Remote Substation Sites on Any Device

MISSISSAUGA, ON, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud VMS, a new Video Management Software tool announced from Systems With Intelligence, (SWI), gives users the ability to view their remote substation sites and assets from any location, on any device.

Leveraging the power and accessibility of the cloud, this tool provides users with secure, 24/7 connection to live video feeds of any of their remote sites.

Cloud VMS includes built-in analytics that analyzes the video in real time to detect unauthorized access to locations and provide instant alerts to the control center and operations team.

Machine learning algorithms are constantly processing the data to detect and classify objects so unnecessary alarms can be avoided.

"Today’s utility workers are mobile and stretched to capacity. They don’t have the time, staff or ability to physically monitor all of their remote sites," said Angelo Rizzo, president and CEO of Systems With Intelligence. "With Cloud VMS, the monitoring is done for them, and they are notified if their attention is needed. They can connect with their mobile devices and determine exactly what is going on at a remote site, from wherever they are."

Cloud VMS is a pure cloud video surveillance and analytics platform, operating on a modern redundant cloud architecture via an HTML5 Web interface with comprehensive mobile applications supporting both Android and IOS.

The machine-learning systems are constantly retraining and evolving object classification algorithms in real-time based on all enabled footage, locations, and conditions. Rules-based cloud analytics allow users to detect, track and classify objects such as a car, people, animals as well as any other of the 110+ categories available.

Cloud VMS is hosted on AWS S3 for redundancy and data security but can also be deployed on a private cloud. The deployment of pure cloud surveillance is scalable and flexible as additional cameras can be easily added into the system when expansion is required.

The built-in cloud analytics enable users to set fully customized, rules-based functions with subsequent custom alerts for email or app push notifications during a set schedule for select users.

"Utilities are part of our critical infrastructure and need to have constant awareness of what is going on at their remote sites," added Rizzo "This is not only to protect utility workers and the public from physical harm and ensure the reliable supply of electricity that is essential to support our well-being. Protection of our critical infrastructure is mandated at the federal government level and utilities need a way to manage remote monitoring in an efficient and cost-effective way."

Quick Facts

  • Systems With Intelligence is a Canadian company, founded in 2009
  • Systems With Intelligence Touchless monitoring systems are installed in over 100 utilities worldwide
  • Systems With Intelligence senior management team has over 100 years of collective experience in utility asset monitoring and communications technologies

About Systems With Intelligence
Systems With Intelligence Inc. is a global provider of Touchless™ monitoring solutions for electric utility applications. SWI systems collect and analyze the data that allows utilities to increase safety and reliability while reducing operating costs. Coupling thermal monitoring and visual imaging technology with advanced analytic algorithms, Systems With Intelligence solutions automate remote site monitoring and provides the data to support condition-based maintenance programs.

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Angelo Rizzo

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