Claro Dominican Republic Partners with TrustHab to Offer IoT-Driven Energy Management, Humidity Mitigation, and Leak Detection Solutions to Portfolio of Corporate Clients

MIAMI, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TrustHab, an industry leader in IoT sustainability solutions with a proven track record of substantially reducing costs and increasing property values for Multifamily and Student Housing properties across the U.S., has proudly partnered with Claro Dominican Republic, a subsidiary of one of the largest Telecommunications companies in the world, to offer cost-saving solutions for corporate clients through installation of Energy Management, Humidity Mitigation, and Leak Detection systems. This partnership provides exciting opportunities for both companies to significantly expand their client portfolios and IoT offerings.

The TrustHab IoT solutions utilize a combination of smart thermostats and various sensors to continuously monitor HVAC runtime activity, identify abnormal humidity levels, and detect water leaks in risky locations. Onsite personnel are notified of any units or areas that are displaying conditions that could increase costs or cause property damage through a powerful real-time alerting system, which allows maintenance teams to be dispatched immediately to proactively address issues before they become expensive. Through this verified system, existing clients of TrustHab have significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs, extended the life of their HVAC units, and increased property values.

Speaking on the company’s partnership with TrustHab, Virgilio Castillo, Solutions Development Vice President for Claro Dominican Republic said, “As the leading telco company in our country, one of our main objectives is to offer innovative integral solutions to our customers.

“We identified TrustHab as an ally to provide Smart Technology solutions for real-time energy management, humidity mitigation, leak detection, and access control, as part of our IoT portfolio. These solutions aim to increase the value of our clients’ properties by allowing the technology to easily identify cost-saving opportunities in their buildings. We embrace this association that helps us strengthen our portfolio and opens the doors to new developments plans in the near future.”

TrustHab CEO Rafael Carvajal said, “Our new partnership with Claro is a key milestone in TrustHab’s international expansion, and we look forward to helping Claro’s corporate clients substantially reduce costs and increase property values by implementing our IoT solutions.”

Claro is a brand that operates under América Móvil, a global connectivity, communications and Information Technology solutions company. They operate in 23 countries in America and Europe, becoming the largest Telecommunications company worldwide in terms of total access lines and the second largest in the world in mobile subscribers, excluding China and India. Claro has also entered into the world of entertainment with Claro video, Claro music, Claro sports, arca Claro and Uno TV.

TrustHab is CIMA Group’s IoT subsidiary. CIMA Group is a technology and SaaS solutions industry leader focused on innovation to support the growth of its clients’ businesses worldwide. Since 1981, CIMA Group has been committed to empowering businesses with its platform services and solutions for wholesale and retail telecommunications, real-time fraud detection, and IoT. Headquartered in Miami, and with presence in Guayaquil, Ecuador, CIMA Group continues to expand its SaaS solutions in the telecommunications and IoT sectors to empower its global customer-base by effectively combining Technology, Innovation, and Human Capital. Other CIMA Group brands include Auris, CIMA Telecom, and Hola America.

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