Brane Power: Brane Inc Introduces an Innovative and Unique Data-Driven Strategy and AI Software Solution to Uncover Future Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities

PLANO, Texas, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since the inception of oil well drilling, the oil and gas industry has struggled to identify the location of the next big strike.

One emerging FinTech company, Texas-based Brane Inc., is seeking to change this with the introduction of its innovative data-driven strategy and SaaS product to uncover potential lucrative oil and gas mineral investment opportunities.

The "Brane" power behind the company’s unique approach begins with its team’s extensive experience in the oil and gas industry combined with its expertise in developing data-driven software enhanced by cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Brane, ( is an oil and gas data aggregator, mining enormous amounts of paper-based historical information looking for digital breadcrumbs to predict where future drilling will occur. Brane’s team looks to transform the way investment funds invest in oil and gas and deliver significant returns for its investment clients through identifying these properties that have the most significant potential of appreciating.

"We feel that every fund and mineral aggregator, both private and public that purchases minerals, would have a use for our SaaS product," said Paul Carlisle, CEO, and partner of Brane, Inc. "We are taking data that others in the industry have collected, both old and new information, and combining this into an answer of where is the best place to spend investment dollars for a quick return of that capital. Identifying beneficial oil and gas properties was a significant problem until the availability of cloud computing with AI. However, because we can let the cloud process enormous amounts of data looking for anomalies, we can partner with the general public as our backers and let them share in our success."

Top benefits of Brane’s investment technology and strategy include:

  • Predicting future drilling locations using actual data filed by the exploration & production (E&P) companies.
  • Maximizing the spending of investment dollars by targeting the best locations and minimizing locations that never produce.
  • Combining both factors to achieve the quickest returns for those using the company’s SaaS product.
  • Minerals are owned for life with no additional expense or liability carried on the books.

Carlisle was inspired to create Brane when he was running an oil and gas operating company drilling oil and gas wells and realized that the mineral owners still earned money regardless of the costs associated with drilling wells. He added that key expertise from Brane’s Chief Operating Officer and Partner Wes McConnaughay has also played a major role in the company’s development.

"With both partners having a background in data, it occurred to us by that collecting the information required to be posted publicly from numerous state and private entities, we could pinpoint future drilling locations with a high degree of accuracy," Carlisle explained.

Brane continues to raise capital through a crowdfunding campaign ( and will soon launch a REG A to use their software for their fund and enrich their partners in the company.


Brane Inc., an emerging FinTech company, is a pioneer in using AI to mine significant amounts of paper-based historical data to predict where large oil and gas companies are going to be drilling next. For more information, please visit

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